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Whether you have inherited an unwanted collection, outgrown them and need the space, or you just have a few pieces you no longer want, selling your Hallmark Christmas collectibles could offer a way to generate a bit of extra cash.

Where you sell your unwanted ornaments will have a bearing on the price you can expect to get for them. As will their age and condition. For example, a 1975 Santa Merry Miniature could be worth upwards of $150, whereas a 1995 one could go for little more than $2. Consider hanging on to the more recent pieces, as they could escalate in value over time.

Here are a few suggestions for places to sell your unwanted Hallmark Christmas Collectibles, and what you might expect at each.

Boot /Garage/Jumble sales - If you have a lot of low value items, and are clearing out other things as well as your collectibles, you might sell them at a boot sale. You could also take a stall at a jumble sale or hold a garage sale. You won't get a good price, because the shoppers mentality here is bargain hunting and the perception is that nothing of real value is on offer.

Ebay or other auction sites like offer an outlet for one or one thousand items. You can sell choice pieces individually or offer lots. Remember to take fees into account when setting starting prices and time your auctions to end on a Sunday evening. According to that's when you're most likely to be successful.

Yahoo groups that talk about Hallmark Collectibles and encourage members to trade can be found listed here: You are more likely to get a good price for higher value items somewhere like this because it's a targeted market, everyone there has a predetermined interest in what you have to offer.

In the same way message boards on websites like market aimed at collectors provide a targeted market where high value items should be well received.

If you have a large collection you want to sell, and you don't want the hassle of promoting it, you could sell to a collectors site such as You would be selling wholesale, though, and as such wouldn't get the retail value of the items.

If you have a large collection that includes some high value items, it might be worth taking a stand at a Christmas Fair or a collector's fair.

However you chose to sell your Hallmark collectibles, you will maximize their sales potential by presenting them well. If you are selling online, take photos against a plain background in closeup that show the details of the ornaments, and write an original description. Remember to include details of any damage, and if the items are in their original packaging, mention that too.

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