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Where to Register for a Baby Shower

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"Where to Register for a Baby Shower"
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Well, it is inevitable that someone will want to throw you a baby shower now that you are well on your way towards having a baby. Do you want to end up with a bunch of baby supplies that you don't like or need? No! So you'll need to register. But where? Here are some of the best stores to register with for your baby shower and why.

1. Babies R Us

Seems obvious, but there are many reasons why Babies R Us is a great choice for baby shower gift registry. Convenience is the first benefit. Babies R us stores are all set up with a gift registry counter and an employee ready to assist you. You will find it very easy to register. Once you register you will receive a folder filled with commonly needed baby products and a guide as to where to find these items in the store. Still can't find what you need? Ask for help. The employees at Babies R US are generally well informed as the store is specific to baby supplies. They also gift wrap. One other wonderful thing about Babies R Us is their on line registry. You can log on to manage your registry at any time, and your guests can order through the website so it does not matter if there is no store near their homes. Another advantage of the website is that you can sometimes order items that are not in stores. Babies R Us also offers a discount to you for anything left un-purchased on your registry after the date of your shower has past. But this feature is not uncommon these days.

2. Target

A great source for baby needs is Target. There is probably only a handful of cities left in America that do not house a Target store somewhere. Therefore Target will be easy for most people to get to. You'll find the prices are very reasonable, perhaps more so than a baby specific store. You will also be able to register for items you might need that are not baby specific. For example, one thing I needed was storage bins. These are available at Target, but not in stores specific to baby needs like Babies R Us. Target is also convenient in several ways, such as helpful employees and on-line registry management. Through their website you and your guests can access your registry so getting out to the store is not necessary.

3. Potery Barn Kids

If you're looking for items that are more unique, Pottery Barn Kids is the place to go. They also offer a quick and convenient registry system on line or in stores. Through this store you can locate items that are more one of a kind. Most of the items from Pottery Barn are exclusive and therefore simply not sold anywhere else. They may be slightly more expensive, but you'll find the quality of the items is superior to less expensive brands. Through there website you can also get help designing your nursery using there products. So if you are a little designed challenged, this feature can help you find things that go together to create a beautiful nursery for your new little bundle of joy. And, as most others, Pottery Barn also offers a discount for un-purchased registry items.

Here are a few more top stores to register with. These also have online registry options, and many similar features to the top three mentioned above.

4. Walmart - resonable prices and convenience of several locations

5. LandofNod.com - online store only, very unique items

6. Amazon.com - online only, you can find any item here, baby related or otherwise

7. Boppy.com - limited selection, but high quality and unique baby items

8. Kohls - limited selection of baby items, but great prices

9. JC Penney

10. Most department stores

There are so many options for gift registry these days. The few stores mentioned here are all examples of convenient and well stocked places to register for your baby shower. They are all easy to check out on line. Where ever you decide to register remember to make a list of items you know you'll need and to have fun!

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