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Wedding Ceremonies Selecting the best Time of Day

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"Wedding Ceremonies Selecting the best Time of Day"
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What is the most romantic time of day? This is for you and your fianc to decide.

Morning Weddings:

Weddings that take place in the morning are usually around 11am. This gives the Bride, Groom, Wedding Party, and Guests time to wake up, have breakfast, and get ready. Earlier than this can make it difficult on parents, young children, and the elderly. If you are planning on a Morning Wedding, you will need to make arrangements to decorate the wedding location the night before. You may also want to consider having a small breakfast/brunch buffet (things like bagels and coffee) for your guests before the ceremony. This shows your thoughtfulness and concern with their comfort and may give the guests time to socialize and break the ice. You may want to serve a light lunch immediately after the ceremony as your reception or join together later in the day for a full luncheon.

Midday Weddings:

Midday is a wonderful time to have a wedding. If you plan your wedding for around 2pm you are giving your guests time to wake up, run some errands, spend time with their family, and get ready. It will be less stressful on parents if they have a chance to feed their family lunch, deliver the children to the babysitter, or bath and dress them if they are attending the ceremony. This time of day also allows you to select a light tea-time lunch, a mid-afternoon supper, or a full dinner as your reception. If the reception is going to take place just after the ceremony a light lunch would be very appropriate. You may think about serving sandwiches, salads, melons, ect. A mid-afternoon supper may include slightly heaver menu items such as fish or pork but still keep a light salad on the list. Another great idea for a Midday Wedding reception is a barbeque.

Evening Weddings:

Evenings are the most popular time to have a wedding. If you place your wedding around dinner time you have given your guests an entire day to get things taken care of, dress for the evening, and relax. A full supper or heavy buffet will be expected since they are missing dinner to be at your celebration. This is also the most appropriate time to have an alcoholic drink selection. If you choose to have a bar you need to make your guests aware of cab services or other alternatives to driving. This may not be the best time for your wedding if you are asking children to participate in the reception. As a host, it is your responsibility to protect the children from drunkenness and be respectful of a child's bedtime.

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