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Traditional Italian Housewarming Gifts

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"Traditional Italian Housewarming Gifts"
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When one thinks of a housewarming gift, the usual ideas include small appliances, such as a coffeepot, towels or welcome signs or photos. However, within the Italian community, tradition is very important and this extends to the gifts one would give to welcome a couple into their new home as well as the meals and customs of the family. Housewarming gifts take on a different tone because of the connotation associated with each one in relation to the health, happiness and prosperity of those living in the home.

Wine and bread are traditional Italian housewarming gifts. Not only are they great gifts to give to help celebrate a wonderful occasion, but they signify that the giver hopes that the family will never endure any hunger. All kinds of bread are acceptable because it can accompany so many traditional Italian dishes. Bringing along a dish of pasta is also a great gift as long as you bring the bread with it. Try to find the wine to suit the dish you bring or the type of bread, but if this is not possible, any kind of wine is suitable as a gift. It symbolizes the hope that the residents will not go thirsty.

Rice is a very common housewarming gift among those of Italian descent, especially to couples who have just moved into their first home.  This gift symbolizes fertility and the hope that the couple will have children to bless their lives and make the home complete. When giving this gift, the rice is not cooked, but the packaging should be decorated with bows and ribbons.

Everyone loves candles and these have a special place as traditional Italian housewarming gifts. This gift symbolizes the hope that the giver wishes the homeowner and the family lots of light in the house and in their lives. Any size, shape of scent is acceptable when giving a gift of candles.

Olive oil is associated with good health and is a main ingredient in Mediterranean cooking. Gifts of olive oil as housewarming gifts show that the giver wishes that those moving into a new home will be healthy. This is true if the gift is presented to both the man and the woman. If it is given to a newlywed wife, the symbolism associated with olive oil is that it will keep her husband faithful.

A new broom will sweep any evil or sadness from the home. It is perfectly acceptable to gift a broom as a gift to an Italian couple as a housewarming gift. The hope is that there will never be any negativity in the home. It doesn’t have to be an actual broom used for cleaning, but can be a decoration to hang over the door.

Salt is one of the traditional home remedies to cure infections. A gift of salt as a housewarming gift symbolizes the hope that the family in this home will be healthy and happy. The family can sprinkle a pinch of salt at each door in the home to ward off illness.

All of the gifts mentioned in this article can be wrapped in brightly colored paper and lavishly decorated.

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