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Traditional Indian Housewarming Gifts

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"Traditional Indian Housewarming Gifts"
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In India housewarming is known as ‘Griha Pravesh’ which means entering the new home. There are many traditions and ceremonies that will take place before and after entering the home. Family and friends will bring traditional gifts for their host and congratulate them on their new home and life.

The house owners will worship Lord Satyanarayan on a ceremony that will be held on a full moon day. Prayers will be then offered to Lord Ganesha who is said to remove all ill from the home. To purify the home more prayer is often held.

Family, friends and other guests traditionally bring gifts that will bring prosperity and good luck for the homeowners. As this is a religious ceremony you might think of giving a religious gift. A statue of Lord Ganesha is ideal. Other statues or paintings of gods and goddesses that bring luck are also traditionally given as housewarming gifts.

Often people make their own homemade traditional sweets that are given as gifts. You can buy readymade sweets too. Cakes are the modern alternative and can also be given and readily accepted as a generous gift.

Parents and close relatives tend to give kitchenware and home appliances that can be used by the homeowner and help them settle in. Sets of cushion covers, delicate bed sheets or decorated tables are expensive but traditional gifts ideas.

A home in India is a place of comfort and rest. Indians tend to be house-proud people so like to display their home. Showpieces and fresh flowers are sometimes used not so much for religious reasons as to showing people that they are proud of their home. A bunch of beautiful flowers will add color and warmth to any home. This is why most homeowners will appreciate this gift.

Art is a big part of Indian culture. Combining art and religion many new homeowner’s will appreciate the traditional ‘OM’ symbol. In ancient times there are homes where this symbol would be painted on a wall in the home but nowadays a painting will suffice.

The gift is important but not as important as your intention of giving. Usually family, close relatives and close friends will be invited for the housewarming ceremony. The gifts they bring will be a token of their love and affection for the new homeowners.

Gifts are a way of making them feel loved and welcome to their new home. All the ceremonies and gifts that are given will ensure a good start to their new life.

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