Multiple Christmas baubles

Top Tips for Painting Christmas Ball Ornaments

Multiple Christmas baubles
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"Top Tips for Painting Christmas Ball Ornaments"
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Top Tips for Painting Christmas Ball Ornaments

Shiny glass ball ornaments may be the most popular Christmas tree decoration of all. Basic Christmas balls can add pizzazz to a Christmas tree, or they can make a super holiday centerpiece, simply piled in a pretty glass bowl.

However, a little paint and creativity can transform basic shiny glass Christmas balls into personalized or prettified holiday heirlooms that will be treasured for many years to come.

Try these five simple painting projects to decorate shiny glass Christmas ball ornaments for your own Christmas tree or for very special, but inexpensive, holiday gift giving. Although any size of shiny glass Christmas ball ornament may be used for these projects, the larger versions tend to be easier to manage.

Paint Christmas ball ornaments on the outside.

Use acrylic craft paints to create pictures or abstract designs on the outside of shiny glass Christmas ball ornaments. Snowflakes, stars, snowmen and other popular Christmas images are simple to paint. Zigzag lines, polka dots and artistic swirling can also be fun to do.

Hang painted Christmas ball ornaments by hooks on a horizontal string or rack until they are completely dry.

Marbleize Christmas ball ornaments on the inside.

Gently and carefully remove the metal cap and pronged ring from a shiny glass Christmas ornament. Squirt a few drops of craft paint inside the ornament. If you wish, add a few drops of a second color of paint as well.

Roll and tip the Christmas ball ornament in your hands, creating a swirling and marbling effect.

Place the Christmas ball ornament upside down in a paper cup, with the opening facing downwards to catch errant paint drops. Allow the ornament to dry thoroughly before replacing the metal cap and pronged ring.

Write a personalized message on Christmas ball ornaments.

Use permanent markers or squiggle-type craft paints to write a personalized message on shiny glass Christmas ball ornaments. Include the year as well, particularly if the message marks a life milestone (such as a couple's first Christmas together, a baby's first Christmas or the first Christmas in a new home).

Add glitter to Christmas ball ornaments.

Shiny glass Christmas ball ornaments can look extra fancy with the addition of a bit of glitter. Paint glitter glue directly on ornaments, or paint with clear glue before rolling the ornaments in a paper plate filled with glitter.

Deck out Christmas ball ornaments with sequins or trims.

Add shiny sequins, strings of beads or artsy trims to shiny glass Christmas ball ornaments to create one-of-a-kind holiday decorations. Simply paint craft glue on the ornaments, and affix the trims of your choice.

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