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Tips for Throwing a Military Homecoming Party for a Soldier

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"Tips for Throwing a Military Homecoming Party for a Soldier"
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Your soldier is finally home, and now it is time to celebrate!  There are many different types of military homecoming parties that you can throw and many different ways that you can do it.  It will depend on your budget, tastes and guests.  The following are some tips for throwing a military homecoming party for a soldier.

Decide on a budget

First you will want to decide about how much you want to spend.  There is obviously a gigantic range of prices and it will depend upon where you have it, what type of food you serve, number of guests, etc.  A larger budget and more extravagant party do not necessarily mean a better time, and a small homegrown party can be wonderful too.  But you will want to have an idea of what you want to spend so that you do not go over.  Also, if it is going to be a bigger party, or even if not, you might want to make a little budget of different items so that you have money for everything you need.

Decide on where you want to have it

Many people have military homecoming parties in their home, and if you have the space this can be a great location.  A park is another beautiful location for a party.  If you want to go more extravagant you can have it in a restaurant or some sort of hall.

Decide on the guest list

You can go huge or you can go small or, of course, somewhere in between.  You may want to consider inviting family, friends, colleagues and anyone else.  When deciding on the guest list, decide how intimate you want it to be as well as how much space that you have.  Obviously, you will also want to make a decision based on how much money you have to spend.

Get decorations

Of course, you will want to decorate with Americana themed items.  You will find much of this at your local party store.  If you are near a national holiday such as Fourth of July then you might find things at stores with a seasonal holiday selection.  You can go fun or elegant with this.  They sell all sorts of things from flags to paperware and everything in between.

Decide on what you want to do for food.  You can have an all-American barbeque or order pizza and have ice cream.  You could also go more elegant.  This will depend on the amount of money you have to spend and the types of food you like.  Decide on what is in your budget, how much time you would have to prepare and what the soldier would prefer.

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