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The best April Fools Day Pranks to Play on your Wife

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"The best April Fools Day Pranks to Play on your Wife"
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April Fool’s can be a very fun holiday where you pull pranks on your loved ones.  There are a number of funny pranks that would make hilarious gags for April Fool’s Day.  Of course, how successful you are depends on how good your poker face is, and how believable you make the prank.  Obviously, saying you got abducted by aliens isn’t a great prank because she is unlikely to believe it.  The following are some of the best pranks to play on your wife.

Pretend that your mother is coming to visit with you… for a month.  Whether or not your mother lives close, this can be a very funny prank, especially if your wife has a tumultuous relationship with her mother-in-law.  If she lives far, you can say that she has decided to take an extended vacation to stay with you guys.  If she is close, you can say something like that a water mane broke and she has to stay out of her house for a while.  To add fuel to the fire, you can say that you’ve offered her your room because she needs a good bed for her bad back and the bed in the guest room or sofa bed just won’t cut it.  If you think she’d believe it, you can even go so far as to say that your mother decided to move in with you… permanently.  Imagine her surprise – and her relief – when you tell her that it has all been an April Fool’s prank.

You can tell her that your job has transferred you somewhere not too far, like Tokyo.  She will be shocked when you tell her that they needed an answer right away as to whether he was okay with the move, and he said yes.  Tell her to pack her bags; they need you right away.  Tell her you’ve already started to look into selling the home and you think you can get a good deal.  

You can tell her that you suddenly decided to pursue your dream, and that you’ve quit your job to try to become a rock star.  Tell her not to worry – that you can live on her salary or your savings until you hit the big time.  Or you could tell her that you’ve quit your job for some other nefarious reason, such as to start the business you’ve always wanted to start or to live in your car to tour the country. 

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