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Thank you Ideas for the Pet Sitter

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"Thank you Ideas for the Pet Sitter"
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Pet sitters are a tremendous help for pet owners. When family vacations or business trips roll around finding a competent pet sitter can be difficult. Once you find someone who truly provides good care for your pets, it is important to thank them for their services in a meaningful way. Over the years, our family has had a number of pet sitters. We've sought to thank them in meaningful and unique ways even on a limited budget. Here are a few thank you gift ideas that we have found helpful to express our gratitude to our faithful pet sitters.

1. Our pet sitters usually enjoy being with our pets and often own a pet or two themselves. We often give our pet sitter a gift card to the local pet store where they shop for their pets. This is usually not only a meaningful gift, but a practical one,too.

2. Sometimes our pet sitters just need some personal care. We've given our pet sitters a gift card to a local mall, hair cut salon or department store to buy something for themselves. This doesn't need to be a large amount of money, even $5 or $10 dollars can help provide a small personal gift of their choice.

3. We have also given our pet sitters special homemade baskets full of goodies. Homemade cookies, small packets of coffee or candies are lovely items to tuck inside a small gift backet. You can add some candles, note cards and pens to personalize the basket for their perferences and needs.

4. Pet sitters often enjoy a picture of your family and your pet. We like to give our pet sitters a matted family photo, our pets included, as a thank you for their loving care of our animals. We attach a magnet on the back side of the frame so they can hang the picture on their refrigerator. We place the photo into the gift basket or tuck it into the gift card envelope. Photographs add a special touch.

5. Perhaps your pet sitter enjoys going to the movies; provide them with a gift card to a local movie theater. Stick a bit of extra cash for popcorn and a coke into the envelope, too.

6. A meaningful way to say thank you to your pet sitter is to invite them over for a meal with your family. We have wonderful relationships that have developed around pet sitting for our neighbors. We've had cookouts in the summer and potlucks in the winter to say thank you to one another. Sometimes, we've found it helpful to invite the pet sitter over before we leave to get to know our pets, then we've had a follow up meal to thank them.

Creativity is key to providing a thank you gift for your pet sitter. Find out what they enjoy and provide meaningful gifts that will not only say thank you, but bless them in unique way. A faithful pet sitter is of great worth so show your gratitude with a meaningful thank you gift.


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