Ten Great Easter Gift Ideas for your Teen Girl

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"Ten Great Easter Gift Ideas for your Teen Girl"
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There are a plethora of items you can fill an Easter basket with to charm your teen girl. Teen girls have a variety of interests, and will tell you in an instant what their favorite passion is. You get the fun, creative task of filling an Easter basket for your teen girl for many years to come. Come up with ideas the two of you can share, and have a great time bonding together.

Here are ten ideas, to fill your teen girl's Easter basket;

Figure out what your teen girl's main interest is. If her main interest is a certain singer,or actor, delight her with an Easter basket with a main theme centered around her main heartthrob. Make certain before investing the time and money to buy a movie with her favorite actor, and several posters of him, that she still adores him. Teen girls change their minds, as fast as the the temperature will change on an early spring day.

Another theme, for your teen girl is an Easter basket filled with a home manicure set. Fill the basket with different nail polish colors, nail clippers, a pedicure set, and a coupon to get her nails done at a posh spa. Include in it a day long spa event for the two of you. This way you can have some bonding, carefree, relaxation time with your teen.

For the book crazed teen, buy her new books from authors she adores. Buy her an entire series of books from her favorite author,or from the Twilight saga.

Fill an Easter basket with a movie theme for your teen girl. Buy several DVDs that she loves from movies she has already seen, or that you know she loves. Fill the basket with different kinds of popcorn, and also with some candy. You can also get her a movie rental card from a nearby video store.

Another theme you can go with for your teen girl is one of relaxation. Fill the basket with everything you can think of that will help your busy teen to unwind such as; comfortable pajamas, fluffy slippers, sweet smelling bath soaps, bath oils, and luxurious moisturizers.

For the teen girl that doesn't yet have her own cellphone, this may be the time to buy her a brand new cell phone. Include cell minutes in the basket, and possibly earphones so that she can have private conversations, and listen to her music.

For the clothing conscious teen girl, devise an Easter basket filled with new clothing. Roll up the clothes, and place them in the basket with Easter grass, and delicious candy.

An Easter Basket any teen girl would love to have is her own car themed basket. Whether it is a basket filled with goodies for a new car, a used car, or the family car, your new driver will be thrilled with this basket. When she finally can get the freedom  of driving on her own, a new set of keys, fuzzy dice, scented car sprays, and a steering wheel cover, with some Easter candy placed in the basket should thrill her!

What teenager doesn't love music? Now, you just have to find out what she loves. Ask what her favorite bands, and musicians are. Buy the Cds for her basket. She may need a new Ipod, or a new Cd player too.

Have a teen girl that loves a certain sport, such as basketball, football, or hockey? Fill her Easter basket with sports items from her favorite sport such as fan memorabilia. Buy a poster of the team, and of her favorite team member. Get  a pennant, a t-shirt, a coffee mug, whatever you can, that is affordable and fun for her.

Teen girls are not that hard to buy for, just ask her what her favorite sensastion , hobby, sport is currently. Go from there, and buy items for her, while remembering to get some candy.

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