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Set yourself up for success in 2009. Try making a new New Years Resolution. A Resolution that is positive, attainable and pleasurable. If you are sick and tired of making and breaking the same resolution year after year these words are for you.

I hate traditional resolutions like lose ten pounds, quit smoking or eliminate debt. I find the very thought of vowing to do any one of these things painful. In each of these resolutions the author is telling him or herself how bad they have been and what they should do. I don't know about you, but I don't like it when I'm told I'm bad and I can't do things anymore, even if its true.

The goals beneath each of these requests are worthwhile. What we need to do is rewrite our resolutions and break them down into achievable requests. Each of these resolutions could be accomplished, successfully in a years time with a plan.

Are you still with me? What do you want to achieve in 2009? Lets create a realistic resolution together. I am going to resolve to lose ten pounds. Follow me through this process with your own goal in mind.

First, change the negative to a positive.

I resolve to eat healthier and exercise in 2009.

Second, break down your goal into attainable requests.

In January I will substitute late night potato chip snacks with a healthier alternative, say fruits or vegetables.

Third, be kind to yourself.

*Remember, its okay to slip. One night of potato chip eating does not make you a bad person, it makes you human. Pick yourself up and keep going.*

In February I will do my best to make time once a week to enjoy physical exercise. I love to dance! I will dance for one half hour a week.

*It is okay if you miss one week. One day does not equal the rest of your life*

In March I will do my best to eat three meals and two snacks a day. The weather is getting nicer, maybe I'll take a walk once a week.

In April I will eliminate desserts once a week.

In May I will add a third session of physical activity to my week.

In June I will start seeing the difference in my figure. I will buy a new bathing suit and drink eight glasses of water a day.

Okay? You get the idea. You are on your own for the next six months. Now I bet, if we write our resolutions like this we won't have to face the same resolutions again in 2010!

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