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Rainbow Tea

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ideas for a church rainbow tea?  First, one needs to know what is a church rainbow tea. it could be a lot of things.  I started by searching the Internet and found this simple, clear definition on Yahoo Answers "Some denominations have an organization of women only, that is called the Order of the Rainbow. They come together to have meetings at which food is served and this is often called a 'tea'."

They further define the colors as "The Spiritual colors of the rainbow:
Blue-Indigo, Is the color of royalty, Christ the King.
Red-represents the blood of Christ shed for our sin.
Yellow-represents light, Christ is the light of the world.
Green-Gods favorite color, represented by most growing things on earth.

It is basically a woman's auxiliary based on an interesting concept and could be a lot of fun, and not to difficult to organize!. 

You can start by decorating the church with rainbows and flowers, there are a lot of rainbow items available at most craft stores and even on the Internet, just look around!  While most may be children's decoration, a rainbow tea is for the young at heart anyway!  Buy the decoration and fill the church with different colors!  Now you need to think about the food, what will be best to serve for tea?  It might require a bit of thought, especially if you want all the colors!

The indigo blue is going to be the hardest, but you can at least get blue by serving a bowl of blueberries.  You can also make a fruit punch using blueberris as the base and then add other juices.  If need be cheat and use a bit of food coloring!

Red is easy with a very wide selection of various fruits.  There are strawberries, cherries and cherry tomatoes on a stick!  You can also have some sliced red apples!  Red radishes are also nice with a dip.

Yellow might be difficult, unless you replace those red apples with yellow, or try sliced yellow bell peppers with that same dip you made for the radish.. 

You can always serve the snacks on lettuce for the green, or use celery sticks!

Cake is always good for a church tea and there are actually several rainbow cake recipes on the Internet.  my favorite one, because it is simple and tasty, is on Grouprecipes.com.  Make it up, slice it up and then serve it up, the ladies will then eat it up!

The rainbow tea is now a success!

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