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Presidents Day Traditions

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One should know that Presidents Day is one of the biggest commercial holidays let alone commercialized holidays in February. Valentine's Day is the other biggest commercial holidays in the month of February.
What one needs to know about Presidents Day is that it used to be called "Washington's Birthday." That would be in honor of the first President of the United States, George Washington.

One notable tradition would be schools across the United State
prelude to Washington's Birthday would be educating students on the life and legacy of George Washington. With Washington's Birthday being renamed into Presidents Day, American schools educate students on the history of all the United States Presidents. To be specific, they do tend to focus on George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.

Lincoln's Birthday, which is not recognized as a federal holiday, was the major reason for Washington's Birthday being made into Presidents Day. Lincoln is considered to be one of the greatest and most important Presidents in United States history. Washington
fought in the United States Revolutionary War against Great Britain. Lincoln
was the United States President during the United States Civil War against the Confederacy. Washington's Birthday was made into President's Day to also honor Abraham Lincoln. But, it also extends to honor all of the United States

Many businesses were closed during Washington's Birthday. Ever since the advertising push to rename it as Presidents Day, businesses observe the day by staying open. More businesses are starting to not close for Presidents Day. On top of that, corporate businesses have the tradition of holding sales on Presidents Day. In that respect, this is another Presidents Day tradition. Not many observe Presidents Day.

Only schools and government agencies observe Presidents Day. However, there are colleges and universities that have classes during Presidents Day.

One major important tradition of Presidents Day honors today's military servicemen, servicewomen, and veterans. In that respect, it is like Memorial Day, Veterans Day, and Armed Forces Day. Ever since 1932, it has been a national tradition to honor veterans in Presidents Day. This also extends to offer those that have received a Purple Heart medal for getting wounded in the line of duty.

In Alexandria, Virginia, there is a month-long tribute. If you are in Alexandria during that time, you can watch the George Washington Birthday parade.

At Westmoreland
County Virginia, there is the tradition of birthday celebrations. The same thing goes for Alexandria, Virginia.

The United States Senate has the tradition of reading George Washington's Farewell Address on that day.
That tradition continues to this very day.

Overall, there are not that many Presidents Day traditions. Only few actually ever celebrate and observe Washington's Birthday let alone Presidents Day. One needs to remember that commercial interests caused Washington's Birthday to be renamed as Presidents Day. On Presidents Day, school and business go on as usual in most cases. At the end, not many observe Presidents Day. As a result, there are not that many traditions for Presidents Day. Remember, Presidents Day is still a pretty young holiday as it was coined in the late 1980s.

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