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November is a great month to throw a themed birthday party.  Theme inspirations can be found in the many special days and events occurring in November.  Using a theme to tie together the various elements of a birthday party can make it easier for the party planner to organize the invitations, decorations, games, food and party favors. 

* Awesome Airplane theme.

November is Aviation History Month so why not treat a young boy to an Awesome Airplane themed birthday party.  Begin planning by visiting for great ideas as well as invitations, decorations and even party favors.  If you choose to make your own invitations and are at a loss for words, consider “Earn your wings when you join us for Seth’s 8th birthday.”  Be sure to include sets of plastic pilot’s wings for each guest to wear during the party.  Decorate in sky blue and white (for clouds) using a combination of balloons and streamers.  Include handcrafted signs on poster board that say, “Arrivals” (on the front door), “Check-In” (where the kids get their wings to wear), “Baggage Drop-Off” (on the presents’ table) and “Baggage Claim” (on the party favors’ table).  Airplane inflatables are available at and will look wonderful hanging from the ceiling as decorations.

For activities, have the kids put together balsa wood gliders or foam airplanes that can be found at crafts stores like Michaels or Hobby Lobby.  If space allows, let the kids take turns soaring their airplanes to see who gets the most loft or goes the furthest distance.  Hold a relay race where each child pretends to be an airplane zooming through an obstacle course of clouds (white balloons taped to the floor).  Make it more challenging by having each “plane” carry two passengers. Place one LEGO person in the palm of the children’s outstretched hands.  The kids then have to fly safely their passengers through the clouds to a destination point.  An airplane piñata filled with small toy airplanes and candy will also be a hit. 

* Mad Scientist party.

The first week of November is Chemistry Week and the inspiration for a Mad Scientist theme party.  This theme can work for older children, tweens and even teens.  Create your own invitations by copying the famous picture of Albert Einstein with his tongue stuck out onto the front of a cardstock invitation.  Add the words, “Join us in the Mad Lab for Carly’s 10th birthday.”  Put the party details on the back of the cardstock.  Decorate in neon yellow, neon green and neon orange.  Arrange several tables, covered with white plastic covers to look like lab tables.  If possible, borrow microscopes to add to the décor and be sure to include several beakers, tubes and clear containers filled with colored water to look like experiments in progress.

Provide each guest with a large white cotton t-shirt to be a lab coat.  Write the child’s name over the front pocket; for example, Dr. Carly.  Have the kids where these as they do Mad Scientist activities like making Goop/Slime.  There are many easy-to-follow Slime recipes online. Check out for several other great activities for this theme. For party favors, include fun treats like Pop Rocks.  Birthday cake ideas are only limited to your imagination.  Consult with your bakery to create a fun cake to match the theme.

* Book Swap party.

The second Tuesday of November is Young Reader’s Day in the United States.  Originally founded in 1989 by Pizza Hut and The Center for the Book in the Library of Congress, this unique celebration day is a great opportunity to celebrate a birthday and the love of books.  A book swap party is easy to plan.  The basic idea is for every guest to bring a new or gently used book to the party.  Every guest can “shop” the selection of books and choose one book to keep.  When planning a book swap party for kids, it is advisable to provide extra books for the swap to allow for a variety of choices.  Adult supervision will also be required during the swap portion of the party. 

Decorations can be very simple and based upon the birthday boy or girl’s favorite colors.  For the birthday cake, consider a cake shaped like a book to match the theme.  Games may include trivia games about favorite authors, characters and books. In addition to the books the children will take home as party favors, be sure to include bookmarks and packs of gummy worms for the bookworms, of course.  

In November, other original celebration days include World Kindness Day on November 13 and Red Planet Day on November 28.  Both of these can be adapted for a fantastic theme birthday party.  Although late in autumn, November birthday themes could also include a football theme for the sports lover or a harvest theme if the birthday falls near Thanksgiving.

Birthday party planning does not have to be complicated.  Keep things simple and remember to consider your budget and the birthday person’s likes and dislikes. A birthday theme inspired by the month of November is a sure way to create a celebration that will be remembered all year. 

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