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New Years Eve Games and Party Ideas for Teens

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"New Years Eve Games and Party Ideas for Teens"
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New Year's Eve in the United States is known as a "party" holiday. Despite the fact that many adults usually spend their New Year's Eves in the company of friends and family, drinking, eating good food, and recounting the ups and downs of the past year, this can often be a dangerous holiday for teenagers. Teens are known for binge drinking at house parties and other locations during New Year's Eve. If you want to protect your teens from the dangers of New Year's Eve festivities, consider hosting your own party for them. This way, your can rest assured that your teens are having fun celebrating the New Year safely, under your supervision. Take a look at the following New Year's Eve party ideas for your teens.

House parties can be a good way to keep an eye on your teens while they celebrate the New Year. Talk to your teens about hosting a themed party for their friends on New Year's Eve. The possibilities are endless, but here are a few great New Year's themes to make your party memorable.

*New York City theme. New York City is famous for its New Year's Eve count down which includes the massive Waterford crystal ball dropping from the top of the One Times Square building. This countdown is broadcast across America and even in some parts of the world. Throwing a New York City themed party in your home can be a great, fun way for your teens to celebrate the holiday safely. Serve New York style pizza and decorate your home with Broadway in mind. You can even have your own crystal ball countdown.

*Club theme. Many teens wish they could party like rock-stars in VIP clubs. Hosting a club-themed party at your house will let them party, but under your supervision. Decorate in cool colors. Make your living room darker by hanging dark sheets from the walls, and cover your furniture in cool-colored sheets with South Beach inspired color palates in mind. Serve signature non-alcoholic drinks and reserve a DJ for some great dance music.

*Pajama party. Another great New Year's Eve themed party for teens is a pajama party. Have your teen invite a handful of friends over for the holiday. Be sure you get the best junk food and even set up a midnight buffet, cruise-ship style, so your teen and his/her friends can pig out through the night!

*Spa party. A spa party is a great New Year's Eve party theme, particularly for teenage girls. Let your teen and her girlfriends turn over a new leaf for the New Year. Buy them healthy snacks and let them give themselves facials, hair, and other skin treatments to each other so they can feel good and look great for the New Year.

*Casino night. Casino nights are also a great way for teens to celebrate the New Year in the safety of your own home. You can buy several decks of cards and have them play different casino games like poker or blackjack. Play for prizes instead of money.

Another good alternative to hosting house parties is taking your teen and a handful of his or her friends to a local hotel. Rent two rooms on the same floor, and preferably adjoining, where adults can hang out in one room while their teens are next door. This is a great idea, particularly because you can invite your child's friends' parents to an adult party where they, too, can be close to their children on New Year's Eve.

In addition, you can use some of the aforementioned themes, such as the pajama party or the spa party at your hotel. Pajama parties are just as good at a hotel as they are at home. What's more, if you decide to host a spa party at the hotel, you can even go as far

Overall, if you would rather have your teens stay home and celebrate the New Year safely and under your supervision instead of going out and partying' in danger-ridden streets, hosting a party for them is a great way to ensure that they have a great time.

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