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New Year Resolutions for a better Marriage

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"New Year Resolutions for a better Marriage"
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The holidays are stressful for many families and marriages, and the economic problems that have been occurring are just added stress to most marriages, but there are a lot of simple ways to improve a marriage in the coming new year. Everyone in a marriage should always be thinking of new ways to improve their marriage because that is what marriage is about; even the best marriage is so good because the people involved constantly are looking for ways to make each other happy; so why not make your New Year resolution to improve your marriage? This article will provide you with several ideas on easy New Year resolutions for a better marriage; so try them this year and you and your spouse will be glad you did.

1. Listen to each other. This simple New Year resolution will make your marriage better while also fulfilling your needs. Take time each day to talk to one another and really listen. Find out how each other's day was, and find out how your spouse is feeling, and what is going on with them. Really listening is an important part of any marriage, and it will make sure you and your spouse is happy.

2. Plan an activity together at least once a week. Life causes many people to be very busy, and sometimes this makes it easy to forget why we work so hard; so this year make a resolution to spend at least one night a week with your spouse doing something you both enjoy. Sit down together and watch a movie, go for a hike, play chess, or take your dog for a walk. All these simple activities are a great way to feel good in your marriage and remember what brought the both of you together in the first place.

3. Offer your spouse help; life is demanding and the stress of life can be overwhelming. When someone is overwhelmed they are not going to be the nicest person in the world, but a simple offer of help can change everything. Take time out once in a while to ask your spouse if they need help with anything. This will help them feel loved and cared for, and they will be more likely to do the same for you later on. This simple New Year resolution will help your marriage and make you feel good about yourself.

4. Make ordinary household tasks a way of spending time together. Many people get bogged down in a marriage by all the menial tasks, but these chores can actually be opportunities to spend time with the person you love. Cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping, and laundry all have to be done, but doing them together will provide you with laughs and love. This year make your New Year resolutions to work together in your marriage to complete household tasks.

5. A great New Year resolution that will result in a better marriage is complimenting your spouse once a day. Many marriages are troubled because one or both of the people in the marriage do not feel loved, appreciated, or cared for, and a little compliment can go a long way in these cases. Better your marriage this year by complimenting your spouse once a day even if it is simply to say I love your smile. This small gesture is guaranteed to improve any marriage.

6. Be honest with each other. Honesty is extremely important in a marriage because honesty is what trust is based on, and without trust you can not have a healthy marriage. Honesty can be hard for people in a marriage because they do not want to be judged, and they do not want to be looked down upon, but honesty is far more important than images. Be honest in your marriage no matter what and your marriage will be stronger and healthier for it.

7. Socialize with friends. Sometimes marriages can lack luster because there is not enough socializing involved. It is important to socialize with friends to keep your marriage healthy. Start by inviting friends over for dinner, planning a game night, or going out to a bar with friends. This social interaction will add a new level to your relationship, and this will make your marriage better. Socializing may be the key to making your New Year's resolution for a better marriage come true.

8. Communicate compassionately. In any relationship there is going to be conflict, and a healthy marriage is based on communication. Instead of letting arguments ruin your marriage and make you and your spouse unhappy try communicating compassionately. This method of communication may sound complicated, but it is really simple. When you get into a fight, instead of making pointed comments at your spouse try to explain how you feel to them. Communicate to them what they are doing that makes you feel this way, why who you are and what you believe in effects how you feel, and what they could do next time to avoid hurting you. Conflicts are usually based on feelings, but feelings do not always get looked at when people are fighting. If you try to speak in terms of how you feel you will be able to communicate compassionately, and this will lead to a better marriage. In a marriage you do not want your spouse to act out of guilt because this will lead to resentment; if you can help your spouse understand that they can make you feel good by their actions, they will be more likely to act in a way because they do want you to be happy. Compassionate communication is a way of communicating that will definitely make your marriage better.

9. Spend time apart. Sometimes a marriage can suffer because a couple is spending too much time together. In order to make your marriage better make sure you spend some time apart from each other. This will help you keep your own unique identity, and it will add to the fun you have when you are together. It may seem like spending time apart can weaken a marriage, but it can actually cause your marriage to improve. After spending time apart you and your spouse will be excited to see each other, and you will have more to talk about. This simple tip will help your keep your New Year's resolution for a better marriage.

10. Sex is important, and if your marriage is lacking in this area this may be exactly what you need to focus on to make your marriage better. When you and your spouse first got together you probably couldn't keep your hands off of each other, but now that life has gotten more complicated it seems like sex is an after thought. This does not have to be the case; try to spice up your sex life by thinking back to what got you so excited when you first entered your relationship. Try role playing, dressing up, or using outside stimulation to improve your sex life and better your marriage. Speak openly to your spouse about your sex life and explore each other's fantasies. These simple ideas will improve your attitude and your marriage in the new year.

If your marriage is suffering, and you love your spouse, but aren't sure what to do, try these simple ideas because they could be just what you need to improve your marriage. Make your New Year resolutions for a better marriage, and you and your spouse will be happy for years to come.

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