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All moms are thrilled to receive homemade gifts for Mother’s Day, so delight her even more by incorporating mosaic for a truly unique gift. This art technique dates back to the ancient Middle East and traditionally uses glass or tile to create an image or design, but nowadays any piecey medium constitutes a mosaic. Therefore, there is a wide variety of mosaic craft ideas for Mother’s Day, including: 

Mosaic Portraits

Type in “mosaic portraits” in Google and you’ll get a galore of amazing portraits- all made from tiles! Drawing a portrait takes talent, but creating one out of bits and pieces really pushes the artist. All the colors and arrangements have to be just right in order to create a lifelike portrait. For this reason, mosaic portraits are a great idea for Mother’s Day because not only is it unique, but it is also takes a lot of time, thought, and patience to create. Make your mom a simple mosaic portrait by cutting out tiny circles or squares from colored construction paper and arrange them on page without any white showing. For a more edgy or artistic portrait, use magazine clip outs instead.

Mosaic Picture Frames

Moms typically receive pictures of herself and the kids on Mother’s Day, but make this gift extra special by putting pictures in a mosaic frame. Simply purchase a cheap, unrimmed frame and arrange colorful tiles without the original frame showing. You can also use sequins, construction paper, or magazine cut outs instead of tile.

Mosaic Stained Glass

You know the paint-in stain glass crafts that kids sometimes do? Those are considered to be mosaics because the glass is fragmented into different sections, which will all be different colors. So purchase a painting stain glass kit from the dollar store or from a specialty craft store, depending on how “sophisticated” you want your stained glass to be. After painting it, you can either hang it in the window for the pretty colors to spill in the room or you can hang it up on the wall as hanging art.

Mosaic Bird Bath

If your mom has a garden, a mosaic bird bath is a beautiful and practical gift. offers instructions for making one including a terra-cotta saucer, grout, a paintbrush, and a dinner plate. For more supplies and directions, follow this link:

Mosaic Box

Make your mom a mosaic box for decoration or storage. Arts and crafts stores carry such kits, so just follow the directions and voila! If you want to make your own from scratch, just get a wooden box, some tiles- or beads, sequins, etc.- and glue all over the box so that no wood is showing. Feel free to spell out a message or make pictures or designs.

Mosaic Drink Coasters

Give Mom a neat present and eliminate the number of rings on furniture by giving her a mosaic drink coaster. Simply buy a four by four mosaic tile kit from your local arts and crafts store and follow the instructions. Be as creative as you want with the tiles; you can either make an image or just make a design. Whatever you decide to do, make sure you make a set of at least four coasters so that there are plenty to use. A cute packaging idea would be to stack all the tiles on top of each other and tie the pile together with a pretty ribbon.

Mosaic-Filled Vase

Vases are often considered to masterpieces, but this Mother’s Day it will be what’s INSIDE rather than ON the vases that will make that art. Purchase a cheap, clear vase and a bag of colorful pebbles, beads, or tiles. Then fill the vase three quarters of the way. You can place fake flowers in it or simple just leave it empty; either way, this present is a neat decoration.

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