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Mothers Day 2010 Gift Basket Theme Ideas

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"Mothers Day 2010 Gift Basket Theme Ideas"
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A gift basket can be a wonderful gift for Mother’s Day.  Instead of getting her one gift you can get her a variety of different gifts.  It can be fun to receive so many different things and even if she does not like one thing she might like another.  It is also easy to make it of any size so as to fit any budget.  There are different themes that you can use when making a gift basket for Mother’s Day, including the following. 

Bath items gift basket

She might enjoy a gift basket of different bath items.  You can put in it exotic soaps, scrubbing brushes, lotions or anything else that you think she would like.  You can buy some of these ready made from places such as Bath and Body Works or make your own from items there or just at general stores.  You can spend as much as you want on this because it will depend on the items you put it and how much they cost.  Make sure that she does not have any allergies that would be a problem with the items that you get.  This can make a nice luxurious gift.

Book gift basket

If your mother likes to read then she might like a gift basket of different books.  You can get her books from an author that you know that she likes or get her some new ones that you think she would like.  You could get her a mix of fiction books and non-fiction books.  You could put in some fun books such as a book of puzzles.  If you look at the bargain books section, you will often find many fun books that are interesting, educational or both. You can also add other book-related items such as a bookmark or book light.  This can be big or large depending on how much money you have to spend.

Purse gift basket

If your mother likes purses, then you can use this as the theme of the gift basket.  You could put into it a nice purse that you think she would like.  If she likes a specific designer brand and you have a lot of money, then you can do that.  Then you can add in nice new items for a purse such as a purse organizer, a compact, a lipstick holder, a tissue holder, a keychain, etc.  This can be a nice gift for her. 

A gift basket can make a wonderful gift for Mother’s Day.  Consider the above themes when deciding what to put into the gift basket.

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