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Long Distance Love Celebrating Valentines Day from Afar

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"Long Distance Love Celebrating Valentines Day from Afar"
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Currently in a long distance relationship(LDR) myself, I am no stranger to the trials of maintaining and keeping a LDR exciting. Not being able to be with our partners because of work or school during this romantic day can leave us feeling sad. However, be sad no more! Although Valentine's day is approaching, these are some tips that can be used at anytime to help spice up your LDR.

Remember, the two most important things in keeping a LDR going are:

1) Anticipation
2) Surprise

(Of course, emotions are a pre-requisite)

Anticipation means planning something so that you have something to look forward to. For Valentine's day, it could mean:

(1)Having an internet date- that is, cook the same food, drink the same wine, dress up nice, and spend the evening chatting together on your webcams. The key is to plan it all beforehand.

(2)Why not make a plan for your next visit? One of the best parts of a vacation for two is doing the planning together.

(3)Play an internet game together. No, I'm not talking about Warcraft (unless you are both into it), but something like online pictionary ( or online scrabble will make you feel as if you are really interacting with each other.

Surprise. Do you talk at the same time, everyday? Or always talk about work, or school? Part of being surprising is changing up things a little. If you do any of the aforementioned things, it's time to be a little playful. Change up the topics. Try not to talk about serious things, like problems..even the tiniest problem seems magnified over distance. If you keep it fun, you will both have a good time and will want to continue doing it. Here are some other tips to keep things interesting:

(1)Mail. Nothing is better than receiving a package of something unexpected through snail mail. Although you will have to plan ahead a bit to ensure that the package arrives on time, it is well worth it. This year, I sent a surprise card with a mix CD (although it arrived a little earlier than planned, my partner really enjoyed it).

(2)Flowers. Nowadays, many internet flower shops will deliver flowers to your partner's door on Valentine's day. But don't just go and buy the biggest boquet possible. Although it's a nice gesture, no one wants to have to find a vase to hold it. Stick with something simple, like half a dozen roses, of the long stemmed variety. In all likelihood, your parter would rather you spend the difference saved when you are together.

Obviously, the ultimate in surprise, would be to arrive at your lover's door for a Valentine's visit, but in real life that may not always be the case. For any relationship, anticipation and surprise go hand in hand. For a LDR, however, they mean a world of difference, especially if you are half a world away.

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