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Items to Put in a Gift Basket for an Avid Reader

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"Items to Put in a Gift Basket for an Avid Reader"
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One nice gift basket to make is one that has a literary theme.  There are many different things that would go nicely in a reader’s gift basket.  The following are some items that you might want to consider.


This is the obvious item to put in a gift basket for a reader.  Because books are relatively inexpensive (or can be), then you can often put an entire selection in.  You can put in books by authors that you know that he or she likes.  You can put in books on subjects that he or she likes as well.  You can just look for books that seem interesting or fun such as brainteaser books.  You can pay full price or look for bargain books, of which they have many at a lot of the large bookstores such as Barnes and Noble.


A bookmark can be a useful gift for someone who likes to read. They make many different types.  These typically are very inexpensive so you can even put in several if you like.

Gift card to a bookstore

If you still want to spend more after you have filled up the gift basket then you can round it off with a nice gift card that is a gift certificate to a bookstore such as Barnes and Noble or Borders.  You will be able to make this very small or every large – whatever fits in the budget that you have.


Some pretty bookends might be nice for someone who is an avid reader.  You will have many different choices and you can even get some that are personalized with a monogram such as those available at Personalization Mall.  These can be very pretty and make a nice addition to your gift basket.

Bag to carry books

If you think he or she would find it useful, you could get them a bag in which to carry their books.  You could get a big one that would carry many books or a small one just big enough for a single book.  You could even get a book holder with handles.

Personalized stickers to put in books

You could get him or her some “this book belongs to” labels that they can place in front of their books.  This might be especially good for someone who is kind enough to lend their books out to their loved ones.

There are many items that an avid reader would enjoy in a gift basket.  Consider the above items when filling your gift basket.

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