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Inexpensive Birthday Gift Ideas for a Female best Friend

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"Inexpensive Birthday Gift Ideas for a Female best Friend"
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You can get your best friend a great birthday gift without breaking the bank; inexpensive birthday gift ideas for your best friend can be personal and special. This article will provide you with several inexpensive birthday gift ideas for your best friend.

You are Awesome Collage

This birthday gift should exemplify how awesome your best friend really is. For this gift you will need a piece of cardboard, pictures, paint, a paintbrush, old magazines, scissors, ribbon, and glue. Start by painting the entire piece of cardboard on the front and back. Then choose a picture of your friend to go in the center of the cardboard and glue the picture in place.

Then use the magazine to find letters for your collage. Write a message about how awesome your best friend is with the letters. Add other images from photos or magazines that remind you of why your best friend rocks, and when the glue is dry add some ribbon to the back so the collage can be hung up.

Beauty Bag

A beauty bag is easy and inexpensive to make. Just take a trip to your local dollar store. Start by finding the perfect bag to put all your items in. Check the beauty section, but also check the other areas of the store because you never know where you are going to find the perfect container for this gift.

Then find all sorts of items to put in the bag. Bath salts, lotions, make up, jewelry, hair accessories, perfumes, and nail polish can all be found for inexpensive prices, and your best friend will love the effort you spent picking out items you know she will enjoy.

Recipe Book

A recipe book is an easy and fun gift for your best friend's birthday. For this gift you will need a printer, paper, a binder, a hole puncher, paint markers, and plastic page covers. Start by finding several recipes that you know your friend will like. Copy and paste them into a word program on your computer. Feel free to change the font and color of the recipes; you can also add pictures and other fun graphics if you like.

Print the pages out and place them in the page covers. Punch holes in each sheet and add them to the binder. Write the name of the recipe book on the front of the binder with the paint markers. This gift can be made even more inexpensively by handwriting the recipes onto cards and placing them in a pretty box.

Your best friend is someone who is always there for you, and they deserve an awesome gift on their birthday. Even if you can't spend a lot of cash, your best friend will love these inexpensive birthday gift ideas.

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