Ideas for Thanksgiving Skits and Plays

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"Ideas for Thanksgiving Skits and Plays"
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Kids love to perform. Whether it is at a family gathering, a school play, a church function or a club, they will have fun performing for those they love. But they need short scripts with parts that can be easily memorized. But skits and plays are not just for kids. Even the oldest can benefit from wisdom craftily or humorously portrayed in a small skit or play. And there are many adults, who if honest, will admit that they love to "ham it up" in front of people. So have some fun. The following plays are sure to fit your needs this Thanksgiving. The plays listed below are available on the web. If you choose to perform one of the plays listed, please be courteous in abiding by any special performance stipulations.

If you are looking for a play to teach about the first Thanksgiving and what a Pilgrim child may have thought about it, then "The First Thanksgiving Feast" could be the short play for you. The parts are simple and would be easy for small children to memorize. You can find the play at

Another play, "Thanksgiving Day", shares the meaning of Thanksgiving and relates the history of how the Indians helped the settlers to survive and thrive in their new world. It can be found at

"The Meal Must Go On" is a short play that teaches the importance of working together. The theme is Thanksgiving. The foods in the fridge are vying for the limelight at the family's Thanksgiving Dinner. This is a cute little production that teaches some important lessons. This play would be amusing for teens or older children. You will find it at .

"Squanto's Thanksgiving" is a short play of about 15 minutes. Permission is granted for use in churches, schools, and community environments. It is a well developed play with 5 scenes and 15 actors. Basic production notes include some basic information on costumes. The author has also included some Historical information. It is a children's play. The play can be found at .

If you need a short script for a puppet show, try a script listed at . This cute little puppet dialog is between a lamb and an eagle who are discussing the benefits of not being a turkey on Thanksgiving Day!

A play written for Thanksgiving for general audiences and performed by adults and children is "Voices from the Crowd: The Feeding of the 5000" written by George Portice, Ann Robertson, and Marianne Grano. This play targets the current economic crisis with a message of hope by incorporating the Bible Story of Jesus feeding the Multitude with a child's lunch. The performance is about 20 minutes in length. You can find the script at Enter the name of the play or simply "Thanksgiving" in the site's search engine.

Hopefully, you now have all the information you need to begin your preparations for your Thanksgiving performance. Actors take your places; Lights, camera, action!

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