Ideas for Taking Christmas Pictures

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"Ideas for Taking Christmas Pictures"
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Family Christmas Photo Ideas

Christmas family photos are very useful. They either make great Christmas cards or are a great way to remember past Christmases and see how everyone has changed. There are many different ways take the family Christmas pictures. Here are a few Ideas:

Visit a Photographer

Photographers can either meet you in a desired location of your choice or have your family come down to the studio. This is the best way to get a really good Christmas pictures. Photographers often have many backgrounds and props that you can choose from to make your Christmas pictures just right.

You can also choose a special location for the photographer to meet you at. The quality of these types of pictures will depend slightly on the natural environment and lighting. This is a great option if your family has a favorite Christmas spot or wants to show off personal item or decoration.

Use Nature

With the use of nature at Christmas time you can make endless pictures full of memories instead of just a quick snap shot of people standing around. If you get a good snow fall you can make your background with the snow.

Make a family of snow people, without the heads. Place yourself behind the snow people’s bodies to become that snowperson. With a little bit of food coloring you can add color to the snow as well to make your picture even more unique.

Make a Funny

How about a funny staged photo? Everyone claims to not like staged photo, but if you don’t just stand there, like a bump on the log, the picture will be better. Imagine setting up your living room scatted in wrapping paper with two people in the middle both holding onto the same gift as if arguing over who gets it. The rest of the family will be buried among the wrapping paper piles with the heads all just over the paper.

With a little bit of being creative you can stage a really good family picture. Imagine the family member each dressed up as a present. With a background of a very large Christmas tree, each family member will look like a present under the tree.

Let your Family Shine

It is your families Christmas picture so you can let you family’s attitude show for Christmas. For a family filled of football pride, you could all wear stuff pertaining to your team with Santa hats on. If you have a pet don’t forget to get them in the action as well.


When you look back through the pictures is it always fun to see a picture with just the children in. Good way is to give each child a gift or two and have them pose for the picture. Let the children have fun but not open the gifts. Some kids will put the gift on their heads and some will just hold them. As long as you can see their faces, the picture is perfect. Every year you’ll be able to see large changes from how the kids look to their behavior. In the end it’ll make a great scrapbook to show their children.

No matter how you end up taking the family Christmas pictures they will make great memories for the future generations. The picture will be even better if you notate the date and names for the photos as well either on the back of the pictures or in the scrap book.


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