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How to Write your own Valentines Day Card

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"How to Write your own Valentines Day Card"
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WRITING A VALENTINE'S DAY MESSAGE is a simple enough task, although some people are at a loss for words as to what to write on the card. You don't have to follow a particular format, although you can if you like. You can even write a poem, incorporate song lyrics, or draw a picture. You can use gel pens, stickers, and confetti. Be as creative as you want!

Some people dread that trip to the card store, picking out a sentimental card out of a wall of hundreds, buying it, along with the requisite chocolate and teddy bear. Every year, I make my own Valentine's card for my husband. While I'm no Hallmark greeting card artist, the result is usually good enough, and usually gets a few laughs. I like to use pictures of our dogs and lots of hearts. The process of making a card is just as much fun as writing the message.

If your Valentine's Day card is for a co-worker, friend, or family member, your message doesn't have to be long. Just say something short like "Dear ___(name)___, Happy Valentine's Day. I hope it is filled with fun and happiness! You are a terrific friend. Sincerely (or XOXO), - your name"

If your Valentine's Day card is for your significant other, try to elaborate a bit more. Here are some tips for writing a valentine to a husband, wife, boyfriend, or girlfriend:

GET THE RIGHT TONE: You want your tone to be romantic, sincere, and maybe even a little silly. You know your valentine best, so the tone you set is your decision. If you are trying to be romantic, you could start with "My darling...", or, if you are trying to be a little silly, you could say, "To the cutest Valentine to ever walk the earth."

APPRECIATE YOUR VALENTINE'S LOVE: Tell your valentine in the card that they mean a lot to you and you appreciate them loving you. You could say, "Thank you for loving me. You are my rock, and you are my world."

REAFFIRM YOUR LOVE: After you've thanked your Valentine for caring about you, profess your love, and don't hold back. Expand beyond the traditional "I love you." Talk about your plans for your future together.

If you are at a loss for words, you can include a picture of you and your Valentine together, and mention it in your card. Write about the emotions you feel when you look at the picture. Or you can talk about a song, and how you feel about your Valentine whenever you hear the song.

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