How to Spend Christmas alone and Happy

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"How to Spend Christmas alone and Happy"
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How To Spend Christmas Alone and Happy

I have been down with the flu for the past week and Christmas is just around the corner. I log on to my Facebook account and my friends’ walls are filled with excitement over putting on Christmas decorations, buying presents and planning elaborate menus for their Christmas feasts.

You would think that they would inspire me, but no. I am away from my family at a foreign place and the last thing on my mind is celebrating Christmas alone. Believe me, I am more excited at the prospect of purchasing the two-hundred dollar netbook from Walmart this Black Friday.

Do not get me wrong though. I used to love celebrating Christmas. It was the highlight of all holidays in my calendar. Being with family and friends during Christmastime is like being cloaked with the most luxurious fabric in the planet and relishing every moment of it. You cannot help but smile, laugh and of course, be generous in spending. Really.

Christmas without your family and friends is a hard one. It is like listening to love songs when you are brokenhearted and if you are not a masochist, it is utterly painful and lonely.

So, I have thought of some ways to celebrate Christmas with certain bliss. Yes, it can happen. Have faith and scroll down for my list.

 1. Go to church for the Christmas mass.

I know some people find this hard to do. If you are alone, the last thing you would want is to drag your face into a place where people with families get together. But try to remember why Christmas was celebrated in the first place and what Mary, Joseph and Jesus had to endure before he was born in the manger that night and you will get the proper perspective.

 2.  Pamper yourself during Christmas

Try going to a spa and spend the whole afternoon getting massages and the works (foot and hand spa plus facial and hair spa) and return home feeling like a spoiled child. By that time, you would not notice that you are alone in your house at Christmas.

 3. Plan online time with your family

With the multitude of VOIP resources out there like Skype, there is no reason to mope around and cry. Plan some online face time with your family during Christmas. Set the schedule and tell your family you will meet them at this precise hour. If you can handle it, you can just ask them to stay online all throughout the day while they are preparing the party, see the mishaps and the hustle and bustle of people coming and going.

There are a lot of ways to celebrate Christmas alone but let us do ourselves a favor and celebrate it with panache and delight. There is no reason to be lonely at Christmas. Let us give ourselves a break, smile and look forward to it!

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