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How to Liven up a Plain Wedding Dress

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"How to Liven up a Plain Wedding Dress"
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There are various reasons why a bride-to-be might purchase a plain wedding dress.  They may like the idea of something simple.  It may be all that they can afford.  It may be a dress that has been worn in the family for generations.  For whatever the reason, the bride might want to try some strategies to liven it up.  They can consider the following ideas.

Add a belt

When most people think of belts, they might think of a black leather belt you would use to help hold up jeans. That is not what we are talking about here. They make belts that are specifically made for wedding gowns.  They may be made of ribbon and encrusted with sparkling Swarovski crystals.  Some of them are quite substantial.  They can take a very plain dress and add an entirely new element to it.  You will find a wide selection at bridal stores.  Of course, make sure that you get something that looks like it goes with the dress.

Some great shoes

If you can see your shoes peeking beneath the wedding dress, then some killer ones can make a big difference.  You can get something with a big heel.  You can get shoes that are covered in sequins or crystals.  They can add that sparkle that is missing.  Again, make sure to get some that match.


You will find a wide variety of headpieces from which to choose.  Some are so extravagant that they cost as much as some bridal gowns themselves!  You can choose a sparkly headband, a princess-like tiara or combs with embroidered flowers.  You can even get a headpiece made with real flowers.  You will find many different options at bridal stores, some florists and even online.  This can draw the attention to the bride's face and make the whole look seem more extravagant.

Of course the veil can also make a big difference. You might choose a long veil that covers a lot of the dress.  They also make veils that have crystals embedded into them that can make you look like you sparkle all over even if the dress is very plain. You can get one that has embroidery on it or is lined with ribbon.


There are many pieces of jewelry that can make a wedding dress seem much more extravagant.  You can wear real or faux diamonds dripping all over you. You can wear a long necklace that goes over the torso of the plain dress.  You can wear a large cuff bracelet and many other pieces.  You can also add a brooch to the dress.

Just because you purchased a plain wedding dress does not mean you have to have a plain look.  The above ideas can help liven up your wedding dress.

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