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How to Give a Gift to your Mother in Law

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"How to Give a Gift to your Mother in Law"
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Giving a great gift to a mother-in-law can mean a lot if it is given with love and appreciation.  They do not have to be expensive gifts nor one of a kind.  Handcrafted gifts by you or someone else can focus around her interests, hobbies, or personality.  Maybe she has had a dream she has wanted to do, but cannot afford it, such as a trip, music lessons, or has a desire to learn how to do a special craft or take a craft workshop.  

Treat mother in laws with respect, after all, you would not be married to the wonderful person you have.  When my mother-in-law was alive, I thanked her many times for having my husband.

With our vast array of electronics, a nice gift would be the electronic picture frame.  These can be loaded with photos from past to present.  She can sit and look at the pictures as they move from one photo to another, as in a slide show.  She may even want to add her own pictures and with a little help from you, she will have a stroll down memory lane.

A nice gift certificate to a day spa might be a nice treat.   She will love being pampered making the gift more enjoyable. This would be something she could schedule on her own time and it could include a deep tissue message, pedicure, manicure, or facial; what a great time that would be for her to enjoy.

If there are grandchildren, then maybe they could send her a special invitation to go to the Zoo or to the movies with the family.  It is so important to have bonding times together with extended members of the family.  This type of gift giving teaches the children to reach out to others in special ways.

There are all types of mother-in-laws, some that work,  some that live far away, some that may be home bound.  Whatever the situation and depending on the type of relationship you have, you can find many ways to treat your mother-in-law with a special gift.

Most mothers in laws just want to be a part of the family and around their children as much as possible.  Motherhood does not end just because one of her sons or daughters gets married.  Families that increase in harmony and work together to stay close are some of the happiest families on earth.

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