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How to get Married without Spending a Ton of Money

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"How to get Married without Spending a Ton of Money"
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It used to be when people got married, they invited all their friends, headed over to the church and the local pastor did the honors; then, afterwards, everybody went over to the parents of the grooms house and ate and did a lot of toasting, and then the newly married couple got in their car with the cans tied on the back and drove away. And that was it. It didn’t cost a fortune and everybody was happy.

So much has changed and yet, it doesn’t need to be that way for you. Whoever it was that decided that a small fortune must be spent in order for a couple to get married, must have been a guy that made money off of weddings. The fact is, it’s still eminently possible to get married without spending very much money at all. One really good way is to do it the way described above, the way that everyone used to do it, before the whole wedding craziness started.

If you truly want to get married, but don’t want to spend a ton of money, look at the big ticket items, such as the dress, the flowers or the rental for the building where the ceremony is to take place. These are the things to look at if you want to spend less.

Consider the dress for example, do you really need to spend hundreds or even thousands on a dress when you could just buy something simple, or if you truly want the fancy dress, you could make it, or even pay someone to make it for you for far less than you would pay at a bridal shop.

Next, the flowers. Who in their right mind ever though that a ton of fresh flowers needs to be purchased and installed in the place where the wedding is to take place, just for show? How does that make sense? This is truly an area where you can trim off money, especially when you consider most traditional weddings in a church don’t have any flowers at all.

And that goes for the venue as well. Why pay for a place when there are so many places that will let you get married for free? It really, truly makes little senses to spend a ton of money to rent some extravagant place, when you could just as easily get married at the local park, or in a non-denominational church or even in a gazebo in the back yard of a friend’s house.

The thing to remember is, the wedding is supposed to be about getting married; joining to souls in holy matrimony, not showing off how much money you can spend in one afternoon.

And every word spoken here can and should apply to the reception as well. Unless you are a celebrity or have some other reason to splurge on a place, food and all manner of other things that won’t benefit the newly wedded couple in the least, why do it?

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