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How to Decorate a Table for a Church Rainbow Tea

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"How to Decorate a Table for a Church Rainbow Tea"
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A rainbow tea party is a special way for a women’s group to raise funds for a worthy cause. Christian women within the church environment usually organize these events. It gives the women an opportunity to come together to share both faith and food. The promise of the rainbow is that god will never again flood the world, if the people in the world again disobey his orders. These parties can have many types of food, as well as entertainment and live music performances.

The color of the rainbow is represented throughout the party. Tablecloths and streamers can be used to give the party some extra flair. Many women take a great deal of pride in being able to decorate their table in the most exciting way. Foods for that certain table are intended to be the color of the table. For example, a green table could have salad, lime Jell-O, and green tea, as food options. This forces the women to be creative with their meal choices.

In some parties, the table centerpieces are given away as a prize for games during the event. There are many ways to have a rainbow tea party. You can either sell seats to a full course meal, or run it like auction for the foods that are for sale. When you sell the food and centerpieces like an auction, this can help raise a ton of money for the church or a worthy cause. Sometimes, a silent auction with competitive bidding raises more money. You can sell services such as baby-sitting, to extend the financial benefits of the party.

Some women like to play party games as if you would at a baby shower. Sometimes, bible trivia is a popular game. Some other games include name that bible character, this helps to reinforce the faith aspect of the event and allows every one to have a good time. Another popular game is biblical jeopardy. There are usually prizes award to the winner of these games. They can range form homemade crosses to a box of fudge or scented candles.

Entertainment is always part of the tea party event. The singing of contemporary Christian music is often encouraged. In some more liberal churches, a Christian stand up comedian can hired for the day. The idea is to have wholesome family friendly fun in the church environment while raising money. Depending on attendance, sometimes thousands of dollars can be raised.

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