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How Europeans Celebrate Valentines Day

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"How Europeans Celebrate Valentines Day"
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Europeans celebrate Valentine's Day much like the way Americans do, by exchanging gifts of flowers and candy or chocolate. In many parts of Europe traditions vary such as single men and women mingling among each other and pairing up to celebrate Valentine's Day together. Most of the couples that pair up do end up together or they just try their love for a while, much like dating to Americans. 

In Italy is where single people celebrate Valentine's Day by mingling and attending parties that are made for single people. In Germany and Spain most people do mirror some of the traditions that are carried on in the United States which involve the usual movie date idea. There are many other traditions that are not far off from American traditions and are also used in the US. 

These traditions are made up and celebrated as time passes by and as couples or people want to celebrate the day, either on their own or with their loved ones. Those who have lost their loves in the past such as widowers, celebrate this day by planting a flower in their front yards or by going out to eat in the place where they met their past loves. 

These kind of traditions are followed by others that take place in the week which leads to Valentine's Day and many people do something special or important for themselves or their loves on these days. In Italy, engaged couples wait until it is Valentine's Day to get their families together and tell them their big news. This is mostly a family tradition that inspires many others in the US. 

In Denmark, many people throw parties and celebrate this day but people do so in hopes of finding their soul mates. There is it believed that in this day, when people get together, love will happen to them and they will be able to see and feel who they are meant to spend their lives with. Few do not find the person that they are supposed to, but these parties are often very successful and people have a lot of fun in them. 

There are other traditions in this country that are fun and not meant to be taken as seriously and are only allowed to be done on this day. People during parties or get together's swap notes filed with love notes meant for their special loves. Much like a secret date, except that people do so in hopes of having someone to spend the day with and celebrate the day. 

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