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Homeroom Mom Tips to Plan a Valentines Day Party for the Classroom

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"Homeroom Mom Tips to Plan a Valentines Day Party for the Classroom"
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Valentine's Day is one of the holidays throughout the course of a school year where the homeroom mother might be asked to assist the teacher in planning a party for the class. With the correct planning, children will have a great time with their Valentine's Day party at school. The important aspects of planning a Valentine's Day party that the homeroom mother needs to take into consideration are ground rules, snacks, activities and crafts for during the party.

Ground Rules

This is probably the most important aspect of planning a successful Valentine's Day party for the classroom. The reason that this is so important is because of the fact that no child wants to be excluded during a party. The most important ground rule that should be established is that if children are going to hand out Valentine's Day cards, they have to give a card to all of their classmates. Additionally, the rules for how to deal with children that aren't able to behave during the party should be established ahead of time as well.


Snacks are something that children always associate with a classroom party. There are many ways to make sure that there is a sufficient amount of food for the classroom party. One strategy for the party snacks is to ask each family to send in a snack. If this is what is chosen for the snacks, a note should be sent home to parents a week before the party and a reminder should be sent to parents the day before the party. The other way of ensuring that there are sufficient snacks for the classroom party is to have all parents send in a few dollars and then the homeroom mother can go to the store and purchase the snacks for the party.


No classroom party is ever complete without a fun activity where the children make something that they can take home. The best idea of a craft for a Valentine's Day party is to make a mailbox that the children can collect all of their Valentine's Day cards in. These can be made from shoe boxes or from paper plates made to look like a large envelope. Children can decorate their Valentine's Day card holders with construction paper and markers. These don't take a long time to make and the children will have a way to keep their cards together.


One great idea for classroom parties is to have a variety of stations set up for the children to participate in different activities. Some other activities that are great fun for a Valentine's Day party in addition to making something to hold the cards in are a cookie decorating station and also a game of pin the heart on Cupid. Having a variety of different activities for the children to take part in will ensure that all children are engaged at all times. Additionally, the Valentine's Day party will be memorable for all of the students in the classroom.

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