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Great Gifts for 10 Year old Girls

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Great Gifts for 10-Year-Old Girls

Buying the perfect gift for a 10-year-old girl would depend on the child, how mature she is, what her learning needs are, and what truly interests her. Whatever you buy her you will want to wrap it beautifully so that it is magical to open, because ten year olds still appreciate the present'. I have a 10-year-old who seems to be going on 65 some days because she is what I call an old soul'. I asked her last year what she wanted for Christmas and her reply, "A soft pillow and a furry blanket."

If she is interested in literature, you would want to buy her a membership (and yourself one too for safety reasons) on an internet writing community to improve her skills and encourage her to continue to write and read. You can still wrap up her user name and password along with the URL address neatly printed on an index card in an oversized box. If you decide to buy her reading material, be sure to get her books that are at her current reading level, because not all 10-year-old girls read at the same level or speed, and I have found their skill level changes as they improve upon them almost daily.

It would also depend on weather or not she has siblings, what the age difference is between them and whether or not her siblings are brothers or sisters for this influences what they are interested in as well. Movies are a wonderful gift for a female or a male child at this age, especially the Disney or Pixar animations, because these movies appeal to you as the adult and to the child.

If the recipient of the gift is on the basketball team, jumps rope and plays tetherball during recess, you would not want to deny her the masculine' gift of a hoop to shoot her basketball into, or the pole to attach the tetherball to hit around. Due to her being at the tween' stage, she still thinks boys are gross unless they treat her like one of them. Age 10 is right before a girl starts to change physically and she feels comfortable playing rough games with the boys, as she does not yet discern the differences, or if she does she is not ready to acknowledge them.

If your ten-year-old girl likes to wear dresses and is always getting into someone's make-up, or wearing high heel shoes, then light lip-gloss, a purse, a light blush maybe would be appropriate. Do not forget to add a mirror and some fingernail polish. Some inexpensive jewelry would be appropriate as well. A porcelain doll is also a cool gift to get when you are ten, because it makes you feel more grown up to be trusted with a porcelain doll instead of the usual Barbie or baby doll.

If you find she is a gadget guru, then you might want to get her a Nintendo DS, or a learning computer game that is grade/age appropriate, easy for her to learn, manipulate and fun to play. You might want to buy something that you also know how to play so that you can share your gift with her and can answer any questions she may have.

Last but never least, speaking with them about their world on their level instead of talking down to them or conversing over their head mentally, is much more important than the gift you buy them.

Whatever you decide is the best gift for your 10-year-old girl; remember to wrap it up with pretty paper, lots of ribbons and bows with a personalized tag, after all it is a present' and should be presented' to a ten year old girl.

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