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Great Gifts for 10 Year old Girls

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"Great Gifts for 10 Year old Girls"
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It used to be the case that there were gifts for boys and gifts for girls and never the twain shall meet. Girls got dollhouses and skipping ropes, whilst boys got footballs and rope ladders. These days, though, there is considerable overlap between the presents that will appeal to both 10 year old girls and 10 year old boys and people don’t bat an eyelash if they see a girl out playing soccer or killing zombies in a computer game.

Given this change in gender perceptions, the following list of suggested gifts isn’t restricted to presents that only girls will like. However, there are undoubtedly some differences between the preferences of girls and boys and that is reflected too!

X-Factor Karaoke:

Many 10 year old girls avidly tune into X-Factor each week and some of them may dream of one day being a successful pop star. What better way then for them to have fun and hone their skills than to grab a microphone and sing along to the music of some of their favorite songs. The X Factor LS-11 CDG Karaoke Machine plugs into your TV, so that the lyrics are displayed on screen and comes with two microphones. It’s a gift that is great for birthday (or other) parties and it’s noticeable that girls often seem less shy than boys about joining in!

Tickets to a music gig or festival:

Staying on the theme of music, it’s at about the age of ten that many of us attended our first gig. We’re probably embarrassed to admit who we went to see but it’s always a great thrill. Watch out though - as ten will normally be considered too young to attend a show alone, you will probably need to accompany them so may need to endure whatever girl or boy band happens to be flavor of the month!

New bicycle or skateboard:

We live in a generation when reports regularly come out bemoaning the numbers of children who are obese and who don’t get enough exercise. It’s important, therefore, to encourage a child’s desire to participate in physical exercise and bikes and skateboards are fun ways to achieve this. Just make sure that she also has the appropriate headgear and other safety equipment.

Drawing and Painting sets:

For girls who are into art, ten is a good age to furnish them with a drawing or painting set and there are a couple of specific sets that come highly recommended. Firstly, there’s the Rock Star Sketch Portfolio which comes with removable stencils to allow girls to “design and draw fashions and accessories for an all girl band”. It’s aimed at girls aged 8 and above and you don’t need to be a budding Picasso to get full value from it.

The second recommended product is the Reeves Superior Maxi Colour Art Box. This provides a really comprehensive set of painting utensils, including 12 oil pastels, 24 colouring pencils, a mixing palette, 6 watercolour tubes, and various other accoutrements. It will be an ideal present for a ten year old girl who has already demonstrated a liking for painting.   Both the Rock Star Sketch Portfolio and the Reeves Superior Maxi Colour Art Box are available from Amazon and are reasonably priced.   

This is just a small selection of gifts that may appeal to the tween girl demographic. Remember, though, that not all ten year old girls are the same, so make sure that you factor in their particular interests and tastes. If in doubt, don’t be afraid to ask them for idea on what they would like. Getting them to supply a shortlist of possible presents works well because there’s still then an element of surprise as to which of the gifts you decided to get them.


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