Great Christmas Gift Ideas for the Elderly

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"Great Christmas Gift Ideas for the Elderly"
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When people make up their lists for Christmas, they often are in a quandary as to what to buy for an elderly relative or friend. What I want to tell everyone is that there's no need to wrack your brain over a store-bought item when there are so many other great Christmas gift ideas for the elderly that won't cost you much, except your time.

Following are five great Christmas gift ideas for the elderly on your list. Most of them cost nothing.

Offer to clean their house

This is a wonderful gift, especially for a senior who doesn't move around well anymore, due to arthritis or other health problems. You can give them a card with a little gift certificate (which you can easily make on the computer) telling them that the certificate is good for one or two (or whatever amount) housecleaning dates.

Clean their yard

They will be delighted if you offer to rake leaves, shovel snow, mulch bushes, etc. They probably don't relish the idea of doing any yard work in the cold weather, so this is a great gift for them.

Shop for groceries

This is also a very helpful and considerate gift for the elderly. You can add a trip to the pharmacy to pick up any medications they may need. If possible, do this as an ongoing gift. It will be one of the best ones they could ever get.

Make Dinner

Bring all the fixings for dinner to their home and then prepare it. You could also take them out to dinner, if they like that idea. Either way, it will give them a chance to get away from kitchen duties, which can be very tiring for an older person.

Treat them to a movie

Many older people don't go to the movies, often because they don't want to go alone, especially at night. Your friend or relative may be very pleased with your gift of a night on the town. After the movie, you can hit the local diner for coffee and pie, which won't cost very much; and it might be a welcome night out for someone who doesn't get out very much.

As you can see, a little imagination goes a long way in finding great Christmas gift ideas for the elderly. And these are things that will be much more appreciated than another scarf or bottle of cologne that will probably be put away in a drawer and never used.

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