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Majority of Americans are overweight (and quite a significant proportion are technically obese), so it's very likely that there will be an overweight person on your Christmas gift list. Whether you think it's good or not, being overweight is an important part of many people's persona and taking it into account in your gift buying will likely improve the quality of your planned gifts.

Before you decide what to buy for your overweight gift recipient, it's important to establish whether they are happy with their weight (or even proud of it) or whether they are miserably struggling with their excess pounds.

== Great gifts for people who are (existing of budding) fat-pride activists ==

This is the easiest group of people to buy for, especially if they are just making the first steps in the Fat Pride area. There is plenty of stimulating intellectual matter to choose from, from more general books like Obesity Myth and Fat is a Feminist Issue to Health at Every Size; FAT!SO? : Because You Don't Have to Apologize for Your Size; Women En Large: Images of Fat Nudes; Fat Is Not a Four-Letter Word; Just the Weigh You Are: How to be Fit and Healthy, Whatever Your Size.

Plus size clothing, especially revealing and body-hugging can be a good choice if you know their size and style. Don't buy tent-like cover-up garments – the whole idea of hiding in bulky clothes is offensive to a fat-pride activist! If you are on close terms with such a person, and of course especially if they are your girlfriend, wife or lover, do look into buying some sexy underwear – Dreamgirl do fabulous if somehow tarty items and there is a surprisingly big choice in many major lingerie brands. Don't buy sexy underwear for a feminist fat-pride activist, though.

== Great gifts for plump foodies who are content with who they are ==

Another easy to buy type of an overweight person is a gourmet and a foodie. These are usually jolly, happily rounded individuals who delight in good food. Get them highest quality chocolates, best foie gras, caviar, olives and artichokes in oil, smoked salmon, rich Christmas cake, truffles, liquers and wine. In fact, get them anything edible and high quality and they are likely to be happy with their gift.

Plump gourmets will also appreciate a gift voucher to a good restaurant or a delicatessen, either bricks and mortar or online shop. Those that like coking as well as eating will be eternally grateful for a cookbook, especially an old-fashioned or a rare one – look out for French, British and ethnic cookbook in a plain book format rather than the latest celebrity full-colour glossy product.

It's also worth remembering that chubby people (women in particular) who like food and don't mind being a larger size are often, especially at younger age, quite keen on other sensual pursuits in addition to eating. They like high quality fabrics, good perfumes and other treats. Sexy underwear (if appropriate), cashmere (low-cut, to show off the curves) tops and silk dresses will be a treat, as will be an aromatherapy massage, manicure or pedicure voucher.

== Great gifts for overweight people who are unhappy with their weight but do nothing to change it ==

This is the trickiest category of fat people to buy for. Almost anything can be interpreted as an allusion to weight, so do avoid clothes (they are bound to think they make them look fat), and certainly any underwear. Food is a bad choice too (they will blame you for making them fatter) and anything to do with exercise, fitness and sports might be seen as a suggestion they become more active, so avoid such items as well. Books are a safer choice (assuming your miserable overweight giftee reads), and so are DVDs, but avoid cookbooks, fitness videos, anything diet related or with a fat protagonist, either positive or negative.

== Great gifts for fat dieters ==

There is a huge amount of weight loss supplies out there, so buying a Christmas gift for a dieter shouldn't be hard – you'll be spoilt for choice. Stay away from food items and think of either something that will help them stay focused or something food-and-diet neutral, like a bottle of scent or a book. If you are feeling flush, a gym membership or a commercial diet programme membership might be the best choice of a gift for a dieter. If you are felling cheeky, a fat-acceptance book is a good choice (but only if your dieter has a sense of humor).


Whichever group your overweight gift recipient belongs too, there is quite a few options of great Christmas gifts out there for them – though it's important not to mix up your categories as a gift appropriate for a fat-pride activist might mortally offend a dieter, and a gift that would make a happily plump gourmet ecstatic could put somebody struggling to lose weight in an uncomfortable situation.

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