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Gift Suggestions what to get People who seem to have everything and need nothing

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"Gift Suggestions what to get People who seem to have everything and need nothing"
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Finding the ideal gift for someone who seem to have everything and need nothing, can be quite daunting. These people are not necessarily rich in terms of money. They are usually people who deem what processions they already have as quite sufficient for their happiness. Many of these people are not materialistic and value good health and well-being far more than material goods. Other times, people shun knick-knacks because they see these as dust collectors and nothing else. But choosing gifts for people who seem to have everything and need nothing is not as difficult as it appears to be.

Animal Adoption:

When one thinks to the future, animal adoption would be the ideal gift for someone who appears to have everything. There are a host of endangered animal adoption schemes available all around the globe. If your loved one or friend is an animal lover, adopting an endangered animal as a gift for them will be highly appreciated. The International Union for Conservation of Nature lists the following animals as being on the verge of extinction.

The Greater Bamboo Lemur which is found only in a small area of south-eastern Madagascar. Celebes Crest Macaque which is found in north-western parts of Indonesia. The Lowland Gorilla which is found in central Africa and has been all but wiped out in recent years thanks to widespread hunting. The Madagascar Fish Eagle because of its rich biodiversity and because deforestation and a host of other threats are destroying wildlife on the island. The Vancouver Island Marmot is one of the most endangered mammals in all of North America. With less than 40 individuals found in areas less than 10 sq km. Logging is said to be the main cause for the diminishing numbers. The Black Rhino’s population is said to have declined by 90% over the last six years due to poaching. But with intervention the population is slowly increasing.

Make A Wish Foundation Gift:

This particular organization helps make a wish come true to children with life threatening medical conditions. The foundation actually boast that it makes over 185,000 wishes come true every forty minutes. Making a donation in your friend’s or loved one’s name will be highly commendable indeed. The Make A Wish Foundation is said to have reached 174,000 children in the world. There are a host of ways the general public can help, of course one of these ways is to make a monetary donation. One can even shop and make bids on their website on Ebay, donate building materials or other treasures for them to auction off. You can even donate unused air miles to the Make A Wish Foundation. Donated Air Miles can make a great difference to fulfilling an ill child’s wishes.

Give The Gift Of Nature Conservancy:

If the intended recipient of your gift is more geared towards helping protect the environment, you may wish to give to the charities that focus on nature conservancy on their behalf. One agency which is highly respected is the Nature Conservancy. This organization is focused on protecting earth’s most important places. Donate money on your loved one’s or friend’s behalf or adopt a coral reef or an acre of land. Your friend/loved one will be sent a fact sheet and pictures of the area which is adopted in their name. They will also have access to a personalized home page on the Nature Conservancy website. One of the highlights of a gift such as this is that Pew Charitable Trusts will match any donation you make. There is a load of land to adopt all over the globe. From The Appalachian mountains right to Peru and Australia. Or if you wish, make a donation to the Plant Billion trees campaign.

Help Military Families In Need:

Check out Operation Home Front which is an organization which assists families left behind when their loved ones are deployed. It’s a wonderful charity which you can donate to on behalf of your friend or loved one. They’ve set up an Emergency Tragedy Fund for families. This charity is always looking for sponsors or discounted services to veterans.

As you can see, there are some wonderful gifts one can give to those who seem to have everything. But one of the most priceless gifts one can give is yourself. Write out gift tags which offer babysitting services for the stressed new mother, housecleaning duties, gardening help to the elderly and so forth. Use your imagination and you will come up with a load of valuable gifts which could cost nothing but a little of your time. Some of the best gifts one can give to another is companionship or their time.

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