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Gift Ideas for Women Aged 27 35

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So you are unsure what to get that special woman aged between 27 and 35? This special woman may be your daughter, another relative or your partner. The most important thing to remember is to listen to them throughout the whole time you spend with them. This should give you some vital clues as to what they like or need.

For example, I have a very good friend who has a crippling pain disorder and she would use the telephone on a very long extension cord around the house so she could answer the phone. This was very dangerous and she could trip and fall and cause further damage. My immediate instinct was to take note of that for Christmas or her birthday. So I got her a Cordless phone set, with three handsets. She was over the moon and totally overwhelmed by my generous gift.

Not all gifts need to be expensive though. Simple things can be really appreciated as well. Here is a list of some of the things women aged 27 to 35 usually love to receive.

1) Gift Vouchers for their favorite clothing outlets.
2) Offer to baby-sit on the night of their birthday (if they have children).
3) Gift vouchers for jewelry.
4) Gift voucher for a major ticketing agency so she can pick between once in a life time shows and concerts. You may even help her to fund a front row ticket! It may end up being the most memorable gift ever!
5) Gift vouchers for her favorite Salon or Day Spa.
6) Take her out to dinner or to the movies.
7) Take her out shopping in a major shopping center and give her some spending money.
8) Gift Voucher to have her house cleaned for her or even arrange to do it yourself if you have the time.
9) Take her for a surprise relaxing and/or romantic weekend away.
10) Is there anything she needs and would be very grateful to receive? Perhaps a simple card made by yourself showing how much you love and care about her?

This is by no means a comprehensive list and all women have different preferences on what would be more beneficial or important to them. To get your special woman a gift she will enjoy, remember or love, just listen to her and take interest in her likes and dislikes. There is nothing more pleasurable knowing how good it feels to give and especially when the other party really appreciates it!

So get listening and good luck!

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