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Gift Ideas for Teenagers in Hospital

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"Gift Ideas for Teenagers in Hospital"
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Spending time in hospital can be a miserable time for anybody.  However, teenagers can become particularly bored and frustrated during their stay.  A gift can really cheer them up as well as giving them something to do and there are many gift options for teens in this situation.

For a smaller budget, a book or a magazine can be the perfect gift for a teen in hospital.  If you are aware of their interests, then this will help you to find the ideal book that they will enjoy reading.  Reading will give them something to do and will also distract them from their environment.

For a larger budget, a game for a hand held console will always be popular with a teenager.  Like a book, this will distract them from their surroundings and is also perfect for patients who are bed bound. 

A simple gift of money will also be a gift that is really appreciated.  The teen will probably have access to a snacks trolley or the hospital shop so they will be able to choose their own snacks or magazines.  Also, in many hospitals you have to pay to use the television, so the teen will be able to spend their money on this.

To help keep their mind occupied, a puzzle book is the perfect gift option.  There are many different varieties available that will appeal to a teen.  Similarly, a simple drawing pad or notebook so that they can doodle or keep a diary of their stay will keep them occupied.

In some hospitals, a day room is provided on the adolescents ward so that the teens can be entertained in the day.  If this is the case, taking in a DVD of a film that they enjoy can really give them a boost and help them to cope with the long days in hospital.  Make sure that it is age appropriate and if you are unsure of what genre of film to buy, speak to the teens parents.

Many teens have a good appetite and hospital portions are not always the largest.  Take them in some healthy snacks to curb there hunger and boredom.  However, it is best to check with the hospital first what can and can’t be taken in as many hospitals have policies regarding bringing food as gifts.

The gift of your time is often gift enough for a teen.  They will appreciate that you have taken the time to come and visit them and that their day is broken up by having someone other than the medical staff to chat to.  

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