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Gift Ideas for Hindu Friends

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Gift ideas for Hindu friends

Have you ever had the dilemma of buying a gift for a Hindu friend. You may be the type of person who does not know too much about the religion, and has a Hindu friend who you would like to buy gift for. Of course, it would not be very polite to buy this friend a gift that is offensive to his/her religion. Being a Hindu myself, I can offer some advice on gift ideas for a Hindu friends.

Many Hindus are very universal and tolerant about religion, and would accept religious statues or photos of just about any prophet. Jesus, Buddha and even Mohamed are highly regarded in the Hindu religion as all religions are respected. There are many Hindu Gods and Goddesses. Picture frames and idols can be found all over the world of these deities. Some are Shiva, Luxmi , Ganesha and Saraswathie. Each God has some purpose. Ganesha can be bought for someone who has just bought a new car, or house. The elephant God is a remover of all obstacles. Mother Luxmi can be bought for someone who wants to attract wealth. Mother Saraswathie is the Goddess of knowledge, a picture frame or idol can be bought for a student or someone who is writing examinations.

The Hindu religion does not like the eating of meat, and most Hindus do not eat pork and beef. One must be careful when buying a present even if it is sweets or some meat stuff like biltong. Strict Hindus will never accept these gifts and it must be pointed out that some sweets contain gelatin which are made from the hooves of cows and pigs. Please read labels and see that only vegetable gelatin is used.

Hindus are wide and varied with different beliefs. Some sects or cults like Hare Krishnas are very strict vegetarians.

Even though most Hindus do not eat beef, as the cow is regarded as sacred, the buying of leather shoes and leather products is permitted.

A great gift for a Hindu friend would be a copy of the Bhagavad Gita. This is the 'Hindu Bible', and any Hindu would be touched to receive it as a gift. Hindus also have special prayer beads called malas, and if a trip to India or to where Ashram is made, do not forget to buy your friend beads that have been blessed.

Happy present hunting!

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