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Gift ideas for girls in the tween ages of 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12

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"Gift ideas for girls in the tween ages of 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12"
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There are so many wonderful gifts for girls between the ages of eight and twelve. These young girls are at an age where they are still a child but are also looking forward to entering into the exciting world of a teens.

This means that they are fascinated by glittery lotions and potions yet are still very attached to all the little girl stuff that they are still at an age to enjoy.

Preteen girls are just as delighted to receive a cuddly stuffed toy, as they are a bottle of perfume, or a kit of lip glosses. Because emotions are very high in preteen girls gifts that evoke a strong emotional response from them are very appealing. This means gifts which are sweet, romantic, or magical in nature are very well received.

Eight to twelve year old girls are enchanted by a number of themes angels, fairies, mermaids, dragons, goth, or elfin creatures which magically appear in their world. Good luck charms can be a very charming gift for a tween girl.There are many necklaces, charms, calendars, statues, and journals decorated with four leaf clover, guardian angel, or other good luck charms.

Her gift can be a journal that is adorned with these creatures, a picture, jewelery, a statuette, a stuffed toy, a doll, or a book about them.It is more the theme than the item that counts here.

If your gift is themed in her area of interest then she is sure to love it. An eight to twelve year girl is still young minded enough to believe in the possible existence of magical elements and will love that her gift comes in a theme that is surrounded in mystery or mystical magic.

Monster High teen dolls are a gift which is currently popular with girls age 8 to 12 and there are many other gift items in this theme as well. There are Monster High books, home decor items, clothing, make-up, and so much more. Of course there are the teen dolls too. 

Animal theme gifts are also a popular gift choice. There are allows an amazing array of gift items in this arena to choose from. A journal, music box, stationary, craft activity, or art project in an animal theme will be an ideal gift for her.

Girls just seem to naturally be fascinated by lotions, perfumes and glittery glosses at a very young age and as they mature the intoxicating effect of these items just continues to grow. Girls age eight, nine, ten, eleven, and twelve are just a hairs breath away from having free rein of the usage of these products and they delight in experimenting with them now.

Any beauty gift that you choose for an 8, 9, 10, 11, or 12 year old girl will be greeted with a great deal of excitement. These young ladies are only too anxious to be able to experiment and dabble in all the magical female lotions and potions that are usually in the realm of teenage girls.

Money and gift certificates are always a favorite with young people and preteen girls are no exception. They are just a little too young yet to have a job so receiving money, or a gift certificate, and being able to go shopping for them is perhaps the ultimate in "Fun". Women just seem to naturally love to shop and these young ladies are no exception.

I am sure each of most tween age girls would agree that receiving a monetary gift is the absolute best present that they could receive.

Other best gift ideas for 8 to 12 year old girls are concert tickets, movie passes, restaurant gift certificates or play passes to local recreation centers. Be sure to always include enough passes to include a guardian and at least one friend.

Girls love to spend time with their best friend and she will be very delighted to be able to treat a friend to an adventure with her. Plus lets be realistic girls this age would much rather be sharing this treat with a friend than with mom or dad.

She will probably love whatever gift it is that you decide to choose for her. Eight, nine, ten, eleven, and twelve year old girls are easy to please which also makes them very easy to purchase gifts for.


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