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Gift Ideas for 16 17 18 Year old Boys

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"Gift Ideas for 16 17 18 Year old Boys"
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Boys aged 16 to 18 are typically nearing the end of their school years and are starting to think about the prospect of either going to college or joining the workforce. They may be itching to taste freedom but are faced with high pressure exams and difficult decisions about what they want to do with their life. Many will also have come into possession of a first car or may be gingerly exploring the complexities of a first romance.

However, despite the fact that they are encountering some quite grown up challenges, there’s no escaping the fact that they are still boyish in their outlook and are likely to still enjoy playing football, listening to loud music and watching shows and films that either feature lots of violence or juvenile humor.

In choosing gifts for this demographic, therefore, you can either hook into the “growing up” or the “still boyish” angle and this may depend on the personality of the individual that you are buying for.

Growing up gift ideas for boys:

-         Driving lessons:

Many boys are car mad and will want to pass their driving test as soon as they are old enough. You could help them in this ambition either by funding some driving lessons or by paying their driving test fee so that they can take the test on their birthday.

-         Second hand car, or car accessories:

If the boy in question is your son, you might decide to be very generous and buy them their first car. Or, if he already has a car, there are lots of other car-related accessories that won’t be as hard on your wallet.

-         New smart clothes or clothes vouchers:

If your boy is about to start university or start his first job, then some new clothes may be just the thing to help him make a good impression. Boys in their later teens often start to become more aware of the need to look good and be fashionable. They are also often eager to assert their own look, so a gift voucher may be the best bet to let them choose clothes that they like rather than something that you think looks good!

-         Dinner for two with his girlfriend:

For boys who have started dating, a nice gift might be to agree to pay towards them going out for a nice meal with the current love of their life.

Still boyish gift ideas for boys:

-         Golf or tennis lesson:

Teenage boys often retain a strong love for all things sports-related and many take their chosen sports very seriously. For individual sports like golf and tennis, it’s possible to book a lesson with a professional coach and this can be a great way to help them iron out their golf swing or their tennis serve.

-         Music system:

Throughout the generations, one thing remains constant and that is that teenage boys are often fanatical in their love of music. It’s often the case that they get their first CD player or entry-level iPod in their early teens but now could be a great time to equip them with something a little better quality. For those who are due to leave home to go to college, having their own sound system is often one of the best creature comforts during those university years.

-         Guitar Hero

Tying in with teenagers love both of music and computer games, Guitar Hero is an ideal gift for this age range. Of course, you may also have to purchase sound mufflers to drown out their efforts to master Smoke on the Water or Ace of Spades!

The gift ideas listed here are just a fraction of the possibilities for this age range. It’s vital to remember that, when we talk about buying gifts for a particular demographic, we’re dealing in generalisms. Not all boys aged 16, 17, or 18 are into cars, sport, or music and your final choice of gift needs to be heavily influenced by what their particular interests and hobbies are. If in doubt, don’t be afraid to ask them as it’s always best to get a gift that will be appreciated even if it lacks the surprise factor! 

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