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I'm a teenage girl, and I know how easy it is to get things wrong when buying presents (I have been presented with hand-knitted woollen socks for the last ten Christmases by a certain dear auntie.) Here are a few suggestions for ideal presents:

1. Vouchers: Vouchers are the perfect gift to get a teenage girl if you don't quite know what she wants or what she may already have. Ask her discreetly what her favourite shop is, and you're off. Vouchers for Amazon are a good idea, as there are a hundred different ways to spend it. Also, there may be a special item of clothing or a handbag that this girl has been saving up for, you could get a voucher to help with that.

2. Music: Every persons music tastes vary greatly, so buying a CD is a no-no unless you are positive you know what the girl you are buying a gift for is into. I tend to stay away from music and music vouchers altogether as, let's face it, many teenagers are now downloading music illegally and might find no need for a voucher. If you still CDs.

3. Salon Treatments: This may seem like a waste of money, but if you are looking for the perfect gift for a teenage girl that likes to look after herself, a salon treatment is the answer. I'm not talking about anything extravagant, but a manicure, pedicure or facial is a real treat. They also make a girl feel much more grown-up and special. I got a voucher for a facial when I was 15, and it really made me feel grown up and sophisticated. Salon treatments are also great gifts for other loved ones. No-one really likes to spend money on themselves, so it's a nice treat for them.

4. Charm Bracelets: This is a really individual and special present. Nomination bracelets ( and Pandora bracelets ( are popular choices. Every year you can give them a new charm for their bracelets.

5. Cash: If you are really stuck, cash is a simple solution. Teenage girls would much rather some money to spend on whatever they want then a new pair of woolly socks (I speak from experience.) Cash may seem a bit impersonal, but add a nice card and a photo of the two of you together and it will be a perfect gift.

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