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Gift Ideas for 10 11 12 Year old Girls

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"Gift Ideas for 10 11 12 Year old Girls"
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Beaming with happiness one minute, and having a crying fit the next, 10, 11, and 12 year old girls have got personality down to an art form. They are heartwarming and annoying all at the same time. Fortunately these preteen girls love to receive presents.

This means that gift ideas for 10, 11, and 12 year old girls are really not that difficult to find because they seem to fall in love with almost every gift that they receive. They love to dabble with perfumes, and lotions, and it seems that the more shades of nail polish that they acquire the better. Beauty products, magazines, and gift certificates will be met with an excited grin.

High tech games delight them, but they are also just as pleased to receive a package of art or craft supplies, a movie, or the latest teen rave book. The 10, 11, or 12 year old girl seems to be at an age where she is experimenting with all the activities available to her. Perhaps this is because she is just shy of having the freedom to be off running on her own so these novel new adventures at home can still keep her content.

Unique items fascinate her so if you are scouting out items for her keep this in mind. A set of nesting dolls that fit one inside of another or a locking treasure chest to keep her treasures or a diary (with an enclosed treasure of course) are a couple ideas in this area.

Fairies and angels are her good luck charms, but she is just as apt to love a small troll if you purchase one for her, preteen girl's tastes really are that diverse. Fortunately this can work to your advantage. You could purchase her a sharks tooth necklace or a gold heart locket and each would be just as delightful to her.

The preteen girl generally has one or two best friends and she loves to share her adventures with them. If you purchase her a pair of items rather than just one it works out perfectly for her. She will happily pass the other item to her best friend. This sharing of gifts is very important to preteen girls. Items in this arena might include friendship rings, necklaces, bracelets, matching teddy bears, or even matching jewelery boxes.

If she does not have a cell phone than this gift is one that she is sure to squeal happily over. She wants to stay in touch with her friends and most of them will have a phone by this age. Another tech gift that is a necessity for the preteen girl is a digital camera for saving all her precious moments in.

Since music is almost always a huge thing in a preteen girls life, whether it be hip hop, dance, or country; just to name a few, an ipod touch would be a fabulous gift with a prepaid card to download some of her favorite songs to remember all the different aspects in her life that has happened so far.

Perhaps though the best gifts that you can give a 10, 11, or 12 year old girl is a gift of money or of a gift card. She does not have a lot of means to earn income for herself, but like most women she loves to shop, and that involves needing money to do it with. Don't think that a monetary gift is not a personal one because to her it is a gift that takes her feelings very much into consideration. You allow her to select the items which she most desires and she can afford to play like a teenager as she does so.


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