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Giving cash as a gift can sometimes be thought of as 'an easy way out' or 'thoughtless present', but in most circumstances this isn't the case and the truth is you may have spent hours and hours and hundreds of web pages and shopping trips later trying to find the perfect gift with no luck, and cash in a card may seem like the best option.  The trouble with choosing this gift, is the worry that the money will get spent on bills, or groceries etc. and really you want the recipient to be able to treat themselves.  One alternative to this, is a voucher for their favourite store or restaurant.  There are a wide variety of shops that now offer this and you can even buy cards that can be spent at a number of different places if you aren't sure which one to go for.  You may also consider purchasing vouchers to be spent online, is a particularly good one to choose as there product range is so vast, and an iTunes voucher would be perfect for any music lover.

Does it seem like your recipient already has everything they could possibly want? How about buying them an experience?  From Ferrari Driving to Sky Diving, Photo-shoots to Spa Days, the number of experiences are endless and cater to a number of different price ranges (For a full range of experience vouchers, follow this link:  If you can't find anything that is suitable here, you may consider making up your own and buying movie/theater tickets or treating them to a night out where dinner and drinks are on you might make a nice alternative.

Flowers - A bouquet of flowers are perfect for any occasion, and are always a pleasure to receive.  Having them delivered by a florist on the special day can be a lovely surprise, and can add that special touch for your recipient.

Gift Baskets - If you are unsure of that one really great gift, you can either buy a pre-made gift basket or fill a basket yourself with smaller items you know the recipient will enjoy.  If you know the person well, you will be able to theme the basket according to their personality or the occasion.  Decorating the gift basket with ribbons, gift wrap or attractive fabric can make the basket look completely unique and to make the basket look more professional you may consider adding clear or coloured plastic wrap to hold everything together.

If you are a little short on money, offering your time and services by doing household chores can be a nice way to treat someone.  If you have access to a printer there are websites that allow you to print free vouchers especially for these occasions and are also available for you to customise so you are not limited in your choices (one helpful website can be found here: 

Below is a list of other free gift ideas perfect for any occasion:
- Compile a book of recipes from friends and family.
- Create a scrapbook or collage of photographs.  A nice touch would be to add captions, quotes or simply memories from the time each was taken.
- Make a calendar using photographs of family and friends or using pictures relating to their favourite hobby/pastime.
Homemade gifts can often be more popular than store bought presents, as the recipient can see that you have put alot of thought, time and effort into it, and it's something that will be personal to them and can be something of a keepsake.

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