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Exciting Gifts for Twenty Somethings

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"Exciting Gifts for Twenty Somethings"
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The days of being a person twenty-something are filled with exciting milestones, new responsibilities, and an all around enjoyment of life. No one in their twenties wants to be given a bland paisley tie or a pair of neon orange glow in the dark leg warmers. They want to be given something that leaves an impression and is unique. Something that will get their heart pumping when the see it for the first time. Something that will stay in their memories for the rest of their days. Here are my top five most exciting and unique gift ideas for those twenty somethings in your life.

1. Seasonal Beer Club Membership:
Top Beer connoisseurs pick out the best beers, ales, and lagers that get shipped straight to your front door every month. The bottles sent are full-sized standard bottles and there are up to four beer selections featured each month! What twenty year old do you know that wouldn't like to receive unique and different types of beers at their doorstep?! Prices start from $92.85 and are available at

2. Race Car Driving School:
Sit in the passengers seat of a bona fide race car while a professional driver takes you for the ride of your life! You will be driven around in a race car on an official NASCAR Nextel Cup racetrack. Imagine the rush as you whip around the twists and turns of a real racetrack at 180 miles per hour. That is one memory that twenty-something in your life will never forget! Prices begin at $95 and are available at

3. Exotic Car For the Weekend:
Though this gift idea is quite expensive, it is one of the more creative gift ideas I have seen out there these days. You can chose from Ferrari, Aston Martin or a Lamborghini. It is dropped off directly to your doorstop complete with driving instructions and a full tank of gas. The car is yours from Friday through Sunday. Price is $3950 (Insurance is required and is an extra fee) and is available at

4. Tivo Digital Video Recorder:
There is a reason they call them your roaring twenties!The years just seem to fly by, if you blink your eyes they are gone. This is why a digital video recorder is such a great idea. Many twenty somethings are way too busy and have too little free time. Get them a TIVO and they can automatically set it up to record all their favorite television shows. Then when they find a spare moment to relax, they can watch their favorite recorded shows. Price is $799 and is available at

5. Insta-Theater Screen:
This is one of my favorite gift ideas! I have always wanted a giant screen in my house for those wonderful and exciting movie nights that I throw every weekend. You can definitely get the theater experience with one of these puppies set up in your house and you will be the talk of the town! Plus you will save money because you won't have to keep buying movie tickets! Price starting at $349 and available at

As you can see, there are definitely some exciting and unique gifts out there for the giving. If you invest the time and energy into researching the perfect gift for that twenty-something in your life, they will love you and thank you for years to come! So put that television remote down and get searching!

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