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Exciting Gifts for Twenty Somethings

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"Exciting Gifts for Twenty Somethings"
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If the latest recipient on your gift-giving list is 20-something, you can automatically assume a few things; he's stepping out of school and into career-mode, he likes to have a good time, and he's probably short on cash (or, at least, just starting out). Twenty-somethings are often longing to seem mature and sophisticated, and while 20-somethings aren't quite teens, they still crave a bit of youthful fashion and fun.

Strike a balance between young-adult and kid-at-heart with any of these nine exciting gifts, and you'll be rewarded with boundless enthusiasm.

1. Expenses-paid night on the town
Whether you team up with the recipient to head out for a meal, join them at the club, or offer some assets that assist them in their evening of fun, many 20-somethings enjoy fresh new experiences and gifts that allow them to live life to the fullest are met with enthusiasm and gratitude.

2. Business wear
Is the 20-something in your life just starting out? If so, they're probably making the switch from blue-jeans to briefcases. A contribution to their work wardrobe is one functional gift that reminds 20-somethings to work hard and aim high.

3. Booze
Pick up a bottle of booze or a six-pack for the young drinker in your life, or arrange for an elegant wine tasting for enjoyment in moderation. A lot of 20-somethings are still excited to be allowed to drink, and when done responsibly, enjoying spirits can be pleasurable and relaxing.

4. Pre-paid shopping spree
Give the gift of shopping. Buy a gift card to the recipient's favorite store, or one that is endorsed by a major credit card or bank and can be spent anywhere. This way, the 20-something can choose what they prefer and you still get major excitement points.

5. Something "grown up"
Treat your 20-something to a "grown up" gift. Be it a necktie, two tickets to the opera or a microwave for his apartment, the recipient will appreciate being thought of as mature.

6. Something nostalgic and fun
However, your recipient isn't too mature for fun and frivolous gifts. Did you finally spot a hard-to-find item from the 20-something's childhood? Those types of gifts Rock 'em Sock 'em Robots, Magic 8-Balls, comic books and TV show boxed sets are sure to delight and entertain.

7. Tools to get the job done
Is there something your 20-something needs for work? Perhaps a new set of tools, a uniform, some art supplies or head-shots? If your recipient is thrilled to be working in their career of choice, they'll appreciate a gift of some necessary materials.

8. A brand new car
In the unlikely event that it's possible to buy the 20-something in your life a brand new car, this is obviously the gift of choice. Make it a sleek and sexy model that's sure to excite.

9. Cold hard cash
When all else fails, men and women old or young can always use some extra dough. Throw some in a card and you're set it's exciting and easy.

Remember, part of the excitement of receiving gifts is in the presentation. When giving cash or a gift card, choose a funny, unusual or particularly thoughtful card to add some extra sentiment. If you purchased a new suit for the budding professional in your life, invest in sleek, contemporary paper to cover a sturdy gift box, or have the present professionally wrapped.

Whatever you decide to give, no matter the age, always bear the recipient in mind. The most exciting gifts are always exactly what we wanted.


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