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Themed birthday parties tend to be the trend these days and everyone wants to plan the perfect themed birthday party for their child. One theme that certainly gives a nearly endless list of ideas that can be used for a child's birthday party is to have a Dr. Seuss party for the special child. Dr. Seuss wrote forty-four different children's books all of which can easily be incorporated into a birthday party. A Dr. Seuss themed birthday party could take some time to plan, but it is sure to be a birthday party that the birthday boy or girl and their guests will not soon forget.

The perfect place to hold a Dr. Seuss birthday party is in the child's own home. This means that the guest of honor will be comfortable and there is no limitation on decorations that can be used to make the theme come to life for the party. If a venue away from home is chosen for the party, make sure that plenty of time is allowed for decorating the party room to fit the theme of the party.

Invitations will be the first taste of the party that guests will be given. There are many ways to create birthday party invitations that will be perfect for a Dr. Seuss birthday party. Creative parents can create their own Dr. Seuss invitations using graphics software on their computer. Dr. Seuss images can be found through searches and this Grinched Font ( is perfect for the text on the invitation. For parents that are not so savvy with creating their own invitations, custom Dr. Seuss birthday party invitations can be purchased from etsy (

Decorations for a Dr. Seuss themed birthday party will be a lot of fun and there are almost limitless different possibilities. The covers of Dr. Seuss' different books can be reproduced and framed with frames from the dollar store. These can be placed all over the party area. Parents might also choose to create their own birthday banner for the birthday child. The Grinched font from above would be perfect for this banner. From the book "Oh the Places You'll Go," helium filled balloons can be on the ceiling of the room where the party will take place. The walls of the room can be decorated with yellow stars to look like Sneetches from Dr. Seuss' "The Sneetches and Other Stories." A fish in a bowl can be used as a centerpiece for the table "The Cat in the Hat." Of course there are many other decoration ideas that can be used for this party.

Children's birthday parties often have some planned activities and this is one place where there is also many different possibilities that can be used for the birthday party. A game of stick the heart on the Grinch "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" would be a great alternative to pin the tail on the donkey. Another fun activity that children could do during the birthday party would be to make outrageous hats "The Five Hundred Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins." Children would each be given a hat and glue stick and there would be various craft supplies to decorate the hat. Finally, a Dr. Seuss themed birthday party would not be complete without a reading of the birthday child's favorite Dr. Seuss book.

Food is also a very important aspect of every birthday party. And, Dr. Seuss certainly does provide plenty of inspiration for party food through his books as well. Green eggs and ham "Green Eggs and Ham" are a necessity for any Dr. Seuss party. This can be deviled eggs (the yolk mixture will be dyed green with a little bit of food coloring) and ham pieces served with crackers would be ideal. Cheese trees "The Fox in Socks" would also be a wonderful food item on the table (a styrofoam cone decorated with cheese cubes attached to the tree with toothpicks). Sweets are very important as well. Letter shaped sugar cookies can be one option "Dr. Seuss's ABC." And of course Thing cupcakes "Cat in the Hat." The thing cupcakes should ideally have red wrappers and be topped with a fluffy layer of blue icing.

This memorable birthday party wouldn't be complete without some Dr. Seuss party favors for the guests. Children should be allowed to take home anything that they've created during the party. Additionally, a "Cat in the Hat" hat or Santa Claus hat "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" would be perfect for each party guest. Finally, each child could take home a Dr. Seuss book or perhaps some Dr. Seuss character stickers (these are frequently available at dollar stores.)

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