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Dips are a great food to serve at a New Year's Eve party when everyone is moving about and snacking on whatever is available. These New Year's Eve dips are quick and easy to make, and if you prepare beforehand all you'll have to do is put them on the table and forget about them while you enjoy your New Year's party. All of these New Year's Eve dips are spicy and with strong flavors so be sure to pass around the mints or gum before its time for the New Year's Eve midnight kiss!

Here are four basic soft white cheese dips which are perfect for a New Year's Eve party. If you prefer you can use low-fat cheese, sour cream or a thick Greek yogurt.

Dill and Garlic Cheese Dip

Add fresh chopped dill and three cloves of garlic to a 500 gram tub of soft white cheese, season with salt and ground black pepper.

Paprika cheese dip

Simply add one tablespoon of sweet (Hungarian) paprika and half a tablespoon of hot paprika to a 500 gram tub of soft white cheese.

Spring (green) onion cheese dip

Chop five spring onions finely and add to a 500 gram tub of soft white cheese, season with salt and pepper.

Chili and garlic cheese dip

Very finely chop a hot green chili pepper and crush one clove of garlic, add to a 500 gram tub of soft white cheese and season with salt and pepper.

Then there are New Year's Eve party dips made out of foods that really fill you up, and with enough of these dips and a wide variety of flavors you can serve just drinks, dips, crackers, chips and cut vegetables for your New Years Eve party.

Tuna mix dip

Mix two tablespoons of real mayonnaise with a tin of drained tuna in water; add a finely chopped pickled cucumber, spring onion and red pepper. Season this tuna dip with salt and pepper. This dip is very colorful, nutritious and delicious.

Mint and Yogurt

For those planning on doing some serious kissing come midnight here is a fresh dip to keep your breath smelling like mint!

Blend a bunch of fresh mint with plain natural yogurt, and add just a touch of powdered sugar.

Tachina Dip

Tachina is a Middle Eastern dip which goes with everything. Tachina is made out of sesame seeds and the raw sesame seed paste – called tachina – can be bought in most supermarkets. Vigorously mix the raw tachina paste with water (ratio of two tablespoons of tachina for every one tablespoon of water), add two cloves of crushed garlic, a handful of chopped fresh coriander, juice of one lemon and salt. Mix it all up and test for taste, then adjust the seasoning.

Serve all of these dips with crackers, pita bread, bread sticks, chips and freshly cut vegetable. I suggest serving the dips early in the evening and rounding it off with something sweet before midnight. You may have noticed that these dips are full of very strong flavors and a New Year's Eve kiss may send the recipient reeling from the smell of onion and garlic! For a sweet dip to serve just before midnight try melted dark chocolate mixed with some thick cream or a fruit dip of pureed fruit with plain yogurt. Pieces of fresh fruit or buscuits can be dipped into these sweet dips.

 Don't forget to leave a bowl of mints in a prominent position just before the clock strikes twelve!

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