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Mention party and you will find yourself surrounded by anxious and fun-loving teens.  It seems that the holidays even make it more special and enjoyable for teens to get together and share an evening of yuletide, movies, and games; of course, do not forget the snacks

Before the party starts, have the teens that arrive visit the baby picture board and try to guess what teens belong to the baby pictures.  Have a little wrapped gift to give away to the winners at the end of the party.  This will help open casual conversation and help to break the ice when they arrive.  This requires advanced preparation from the parents of the teens you invited to the party.

A fun game is to have the teens form two lines of a girl, a boy.  Give all the teens a toothpick and then give the front players a candy lifesaver.  They put the lifesaver on the toothpick and pass it off to the teen behind them.  The first line to get the lifesaver to the end of the line wins the game.  This game is fun to watch as they try to pass the candy lifesaver down the line.

Another fun game is to have balloons with a number in them that correspond to a present on a table.  The teen selects a balloon, has to sit on it to pop it and then selects the gift that goes with the number in the balloon. The next teen pops their balloon and can take the first gift or select a new one off the table.  If they take the gift away from the previous teen, that teen has to sit on another balloon.   This game is played until all balloons are popped and all gifts are taken.  The last one to pop a balloon is the last one to select a gift or take a gift away from another player.

Playing Christmas Bingo is fun.  You will have to make up cards that have enough spaces for the word Christmas.  The first to get Bingo wins a gift.  You could arrange ahead of time for the teens to bring a white elephant gift that is wrapped to be given to the winner.   

You can plan showing a movie and before watching it have the teens try to guess the movie by asking them questions relating to the movie.  The internet offers quick and easy access to party games for all ages.  If it comes down to a last minute project, then download some games and enjoy.

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