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Christmas Gift Ideas for the Immobile

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"Christmas Gift Ideas for the Immobile"
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There are many people in the world who are immobile for one reason or another, either temporarily or permanently. Spending the holidays immobile can be depressing and it can be frustrating, but sometimes there are gifts that can make life easier and more pleasant, not just for the holiday season, but all year long. The following ideas are gifts that immobile people will enjoy.

Heating Pads-Immobile people aren’t up and moving around, which means that their blood is not circulating the same way it would be otherwise. Being immobile can bring a chill that other people won’t feel as much. Heating pads are wonderful for some extra warmth as well as to place on areas of the body that get sore and stiff feeling.

Slippers and Socks-A nice cozy pair of slippers with some new socks that aid in keeping circulation going as well as possible are good because they feel warm, comfortable, and have health benefits.

Books on Tape-Immobile people are sometimes unable to hold a book up on their own for extended periods of time, or may not be able to at all. Books on tape are wonderful solutions for these people so that they can “read” the book without having to hold it up themselves.

Chair Organizers-Pocketed organizers that lay over the sides of a wheelchair are nice gifts that enable the person to have some of their things handy at all times. These can hold books, remote controls, cell phones, medicine, snack items, craft supplies, or anything else that the person wants with them.

Comfortable Outfit-Everyone loves a comfortable new outfit, but for those who are immobile, this is especially nice. They likely have enough discomfort in their bodies without clothes that add to it. Something without tight bands, heavy seams, or too many buttons and zippers are recommended.

E-Reader-Another great solution to the trouble that holding books can cause is to get the immobile person an E-Reader. Although a more expensive gift, it is something that most immobile people will appreciate more than you might be able to imagine.

Lap Desks-Lap desks are another way to allow an immobile person the chance to have several of the things that they want to use handy without having to set them directly upon their laps. Look for one that is lightweight, has a compartment or two, and will fit comfortably for the position that the person spends the most time in.

Writing Supplies-Some people who are immobile really enjoy writing. Stationary, journals, and various writing implements are nice gifts for the writer.

Lap Blankets-Thinking again of the fact that being immobile can lead to being chillier than normal, lap blankets are gifts that will be both useful and comforting.

Grabbers-Grabbing sticks are very handy for the immobile person who has full use of his or her hands so that they will be able to work the control. This will enable the person to get things that they wouldn’t be able to reach otherwise.

Books-From puzzle books to reading books, immobile people will be able to stave away some of their boredom with these types of gifts.

Craft Supplies-If you know that the immobile person has a particular craft that they enjoy, stock them up on some supplies they can use. Maybe it’s knitting or maybe it’s scrap booking…whatever the craft, the person will appreciate being able to stay busy with a hobby they have fun with.

Magazine Subscriptions-Think about what the person has an interest in, from fashion to technology, and order him or her a magazine subscription on that topic. This is something that they can looking forward to getting every month of the year.

Ipad or Netbook-If you are able to get a rather high dollar gift, an Ipad or a Netbook is an exceptional gift. This will provide them with entertainment, a connection to the rest of the world, a communication method, and a learning tool that won’t be too heavy to hold on their laps for long periods of time.

Personal Care Gift Baskets-For the immobile woman especially, a gift basket filled with personal care items is very nice. Perhaps supplies to give herself a manicure, or a variety of scented lotions and oils to rub on would be nice.

Day Out with You-Immobile people are often limited to their own homes for a lot of their time. Having a day when they are taken out to do something fun with a person they like being around is a gift that is better than almost anything else.

Home Care Certificates-A certificate for a person to come into the home of the immobile person and give a facial, manicure, pedicure, or some other pampering treatment is very nice. It will be a real treat for the person to feel so cared for and about.

Pillows/Cushions-Imagine not being able to move from place to place at your own convenience and you will begin to imagine what it’s like to be immobile for a time. Having a few quality pillows and cushions of various shapes and sizes can help to relieve stress in areas of the body and just get the feeling of changing seating and position when it is desired.

Massage Implements-Massage is a treat that is enjoyed for the sore and achy muscles and joints that are experienced regularly in the lives of immobile people. There are many massagers on the market today that allow a person to use them on themselves with ease.

Hand Held Weights and Resistance Bands-Keeping the body strong is important for everyone, whether mobile or not. An immobile person will have challenges that others don’t, however, so getting a gift such as a set of light hand weights or resistance bands can be just the encouragement and tools that they need to keep their bodies in top form.

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